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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Today, I bought a daily newspaper and one of the article caught my attention,"Why did I get married? What a question right? It's kinda funny but I realized and suddenly I ask myself, "Why did I really get married?Was it because it was lonely to watch movie alone? Was it sad eating alone in the restaurant? Was it just an infatuation ? Or was it really love?

A lot of questions toying our minds before we tie the knot.

Now a days, ladies get married for convenience. They prepare guys with house and lot, cars and thousands/millions on their savings account without thinking and asking themselves " AM I GOING TO BE HAPPY WITH THIS MAN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?" or " WILL HE NEVER CHEAT ON ME?" or might be other way around!!! We don't know right?

Looking back my past, I settled down when I was 22 but it didn't even last for months. We just spend money for the wedding and he is gone. It's kinda sad but somehow I had the chance to start all over again and give myself a new meaning of life. Getting married is not an assurance of the love of the person to you. It is just a piece of paper and when the man left you or cheat on you, it's all over!!!

Getting married or settling down should be an intimate love story of maintaining a solid relationship. It should be the most wonderful thing in your life- waking up in the morning beside him, having breakfast-lunch and dinner with him and even play games him. You will never know when will it last, so, enjoy the every single minute being with your man.


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