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Monday, September 8, 2008

KZ Visits His Pedia :-)

From time to time the weather changes and I really hate it coz almost everybody in the house is sick. Cough, Fever and Flu!!! KZ is keep on sneezing and he can't sleep at night because of clogged nose. As a mom who stays with him at night- can't sleep either! So, I decided to bring him to his Pedia.
Look what KZ got from his Pedia...

This is the 1st gift of KZ from his Pedia- a toy cellphone. Doctor said: give this one to him so he can text me if he is sick..LOLZ

During our 2nd visit: He gave KZ a toy gun....wahhh... Maybe he wants KZ to become a policeman...:D

I bought this book after our visit. Wanna ask why? The doctor said, i don't know anything about babies..lolz....and he said, its normal for 1st time mom...pag shor!!! hahaha!!!
I'm not gonna deny it--i'm really scared of touching his head most especially at the soft spot on top of his head...He moves a lot and it worries me when he bangs his head on me..Hay naku!!!But anyway, this book is kinda helpful.

Meet KZ :)) sleeping like an angel..lolz!!! with no diapers. I took it off coz he poops and look- he sleep after he poops. Funny part- he covers his face with his pillow.

KZ at 29 days old :-)


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