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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Underneath My Ring :-)

Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to treat ourselves with stuffs that we like and things we want to have & want to do. As for me, I'm done with my Christmas shopping for my family and the people lives with us. Big thanks to my partner... hehehehe

Recently, I enrolled myself in Dress making course in Trade School. It will be just 12 weeks session and I can already sew the things I like and pretty sure it will be displayed in our store...So, excited to go to school and sew my first dress :))

This is the gift I want for myself...I'm so happy that finally I'm enrolled :-) and aside from that, another thing that makes me happy is my new ring. It looks like a bond ring right?
underneath this ring is a name engraved. Who's name?
ofcourse, the love of my life...hehehe. Wonder who is he/she???

This is me at the store. I spend most of my time now at the store since Kuya Jonel is out of town but will be home soon. I'm glad My sister rosilie is free from her classes now and she can help me manned the store.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU....i'll be very busy cooking tomorrow.


1 comment:

Twerlyn said...

babayi kaau imong hand oi..flawless hehe!unsang he or she ka jan!