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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Durian Baby !

I have been posting about our Durian experienced!
This time, it is KZ's turn to shine! lolz!

Did I tell you that we own a furniture shop and store?
lolz! We do but we can't even make one decent crib for KZ because we are so busy manufacturing other items!

Hands belong to my sister Rosilie. She was teasing KZ



Star-chuu said...

hala dj tammy..basin mahubog ang baby nimo...hehehe...experience pod nako sa akong baby boy akong ginpakaon ug durian..nya nag sige katawa...heheheh..

twinks said...

perti sis ang durian! hahaha... murag c baby nako mahilig pud sa durian, ako dili ko hilig eh, durian candies hinoon pero not the fresh fruits..

hoist etext ko unsa attire for this Sat.. hahahaha

Bill said...

KZ is so cute eating the Durian and he has it all over his face. He looks like he really likes it. I have never had it so dont know what it taste like but from his looks it taste ymmmy LOL. Take care princess. :-)
BTW I have a new site come check it out when you can

Prettymom said...

wow KZ is really enjoying the durian, it shows in his face. yung shirt gift next time na lang pag nagorder ako, I surely love to wear a shirt of a blogger. hahahaha...

djtammy said...

Ate Vi, hala te! durian lang pod gus2 niya kaonon! dili mag kaon og saging pati mangga!hehehe. arte kau!

Twinks, itry gud! Lami man pod diay sya! hehehe.. itxt lang tika unya sis sa atong outfit! Mag out outfit jud diay!lolz

Bill, he enjoyed eating the durian! smells aweful but taste good! hehehe

Rose,nalingaw jud na sya rose. Cge next time! hehehe

anne said...

hehehehe grabe perti jud niya kaon ai, pareha sila mj palakaon kau ug durian na kami ni terry ra jud dili mokaon dinhia ug durian wahh lol

Rosa said...

wow, he looks likes he really enjoy eating durian? i dont like durian.. lol

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

We bought Durian in a local grocery here in Manila. Mamaya pa namin kakainin. =)

Everything Nice!

djtammy said...

Ate Anne, ganahan kau sya! ambot niya! wla pod sya nabahoan! hehehe

Rosa, lolz..u should try!

Det, enjoy!

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

wow! tsalap! KZ pa enge ng durian. :)
enjoy na enjoy kaayo si KZ sa iya durian.

ROSILIE said...

I remembered this moment well. KZ simply kept on laughing and was really waiting for my my hand to push the durian near him. Hahhahahah! Durian baby gyud!