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Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Missing my KZ!

I miss KZ so much.
It has been 5 nights that he didn't actually sleep with me because I am still sick.
My fever is going down but I still have cough and flu.
Kz is now 8 months and I was surprised this morning seeing his first tooth coming out!

Thanks Bill



Bill said...

He is so beautiful Tammy. You have a great son there and i know you are a excellent mother. Maybe one day i can see him in person. Take care and get better soon. hugs.

Prettymom said...

nahh.. taba-taba ching ching.. cute jud ang imo baby mommy tam

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Ayy..nasobrahan diay tong imo trangkaso te? Kacute naman niya oi...ako ani ala pay cute

--chic-- said...

tabachingching imo baby tamz..hehehe..hita pa lang ulam na..hahaha..

djtammy said...

Bill, Rose, Chie, Chic:

Thanks ..hehehe...Karon pa ko nalingaw sa baby bah! Wala jud ko hilig sa bata pero karon namiss baya pod naku mag tapad sa iya!

Sick lang gihapon ko chie. Miski unsa-unsa na akong gi-inom na tambal..