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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Devil!

When my Rosilie and I are still single, we are all girls in the family.
Except for my father ofcourse! But when we both had kids, they were all boys.
It's real crazy when my sister and I had nothing to do, we would make fun of KZ.

Check this out!
My sister Rosilie turn my baby into a little devil...hehehehe

This one, my other sister put a headband on his head!
Hmmp, I think we really want a baby girl. lolz



Arnie :) said...

That looks fun and cute :-)

wedding was okay,masaya. going to bohol for a vacation soon.

djtammy said...

Lolz. Thanks for the hop in Ms. A!
So glad to see u back.

BOHOL? whew! honeymoon vacation.. Have a safe trip.

Rosa said...

super cute naman nang baby mo sis. ilan taon na xa?

djtammy said...

Months lang yan rose...9 months....