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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excited To Have Two More Babies :-)

I am too excited to have two more babies here at home.
Hmp, I know what you are thinking!
I am not referring to real human babies ok?
I am just too excited to have Asha and Gibo to be part of our family.
Annie told me she will be sending them on August 22.
So, I have to pick them up at the airport :-)
Asha and Gibo, tita tammy can't wait to have you here...hehehehe


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Personal Loan For My Sisters' Business!

My mother is into furniture business for almost 20 years now and I am sure that my sister Rosilie and I got our business talent from her. We are so proud of our parents for raising us so well. Anyway, my sister Rosilie who recently opened her boutique at Giasano Mall is in need of a personal loans.

At first I was wondering why she needs a personal loan but as she explains to me, I understand why she need this loan as soon as possible. Her stocks arrived from Wisconsin and she needs to pay taxes for her to be able to get the stocks. I bet all of us experienced financial problem because I myself badly needs money too.

Since I have friends who have tried applying for personal loans online, I told my sister about this and she was so excited to try this personal loans. I told her to visit the website because she can secure the application form right away. It is simple, fast and easy to secure application. The company will no longer check if you have bad credit and the most exciting part about this is that, you can get approve in seconds.

What are you waiting now, apply for personal loans up to $1500.


Asha and Gibo :-)

This picture I think was taken last year. Meet my sister Ann and Jim.
Her ex( bf-not sure if final!! ) is in Singapore right now working as an engineer.
So, my sister was left in Manila with Asha and Gibo.
My sister told me she can leave Asha and Gibo to us. What can we say?! hehehehe
They are so adorable. She will send the two dogs this month and we are so excited to have them at home.