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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My First Henna Tattoo :D


Take a closer look :-) Read it up side down :))--- >>>> it reads as SINNER and SAINT :))

This is my first body art :-) It was done privately in my place by a close friend in Makati City.
I got this henna tattoo last year...actually, I'm not the type of person who is fond of bringing back memories but as I finished my other post about Henna Tattoo, I realized it wasn't my 1st but my 3rd body art.

I'm sharing with you my personal/private pictures...

My 2nd body art was below my navel and it was I LOVE AMSTERDAM but not anymore :)) hahahaha


All for One, One for All !!!

Hmmp, meet my Tribal Henna Tattoo :D

My sister Xeria. I gave the artist 120 pesos for this!!!

My sister Rose, Annie Mae and Kuya Jonel at the left side :))

Today is the start of the Tuna Celebration here in GenSan.
Flea market around the oval plaza and one of the stall caught our attention :D
The Henna--- so, we decided to have our henna tattoo in our favorite spot!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Personal PICTURES :-)



Meh and mah Baby KZ!!!
Mah Angel!!!
Mah Sisters and Meh :-)
Our Engr. hehehe!!! Miss yah sis :-)
AKOH!!!! :))


Monday, August 4, 2008

Actor Morgan Freeman is Injured in Car Accident!!!

Have you watch the movie The Bucket List? the latest movie WANTED and The Dark Knight ?
or how about the MILLION DOLLAR BABY where he won the Oscar award for his role. Actor Morgan Freeman is in a hospital right now after a card accident near his home in Memphis, Tenn.

According to the news that I have read- there was no sign of alcohol or drugs. Actor and the passenger ( Demaris Meyer ) is wearing the seat belt when the car left a rural highway and flipped several times shortly before midnight Sunday.

The actor is seriously injured of the car accident and the woman's condition is not available.

The funny part was--- a bystander was trying to take pictures of the actor using his cell phone camera, Freeman Joked " NO FREEBIES, NO FREEBIES "

Grrrrrrrrrrrr....can't upload pics due to internal error... anyway, Get Well Soon Mr. Freeman!!!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Beautiful Pictures of Solar Eclipse Today ( August 1, 2008 )


Placental Exam :D

I know i'm not supposed to check out things like this but as time goes by and its getting nearer...I can't stop myself from browsing post about pregnancy...lolz...
NOW..its making me more scared...hahaha

If you are eating right now better not view the pictures...

PLACENTA with the Amniotic Sac

The placenta is always examined after the birth of your baby. This is partially to make sure that the entire placenta was expelled after your gave birth, but it can also tell you a lot about your pregnancy, including things like your health and the gestational age of the pregnancy.

This photo is of the entire placenta including the amniotic sac. Notice that the amniotic sac is mostly still intact with the exception of the hole in which the baby was born through. You can see that there is not a lot of space to be had inside the amniotic sac. The baby who lived here weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces. Talk about a cramped space!

Maternal Side of the Placenta

The maternal side of the placenta is the side that attaches to the uterine wall. This side looks very knobby and you can see the bumpy lobes of the placenta. Your doctor or midwife will exam this side of the placenta to ensure that the placenta is complete and that no parts of the placenta are left inside your uterus. They may also check for calcifications of the placenta, which is a sign of aging.

Baby's Side of the Placenta

The baby's side of the placenta is smooth in comparison to the mother's side of the placenta. This is also where the umbilical cord is attached. One of the things that your doctor or midwife will look for is that the umbilical cord is attached in the center of the placenta and not to one side or actually in the membranes.

Your practitioner will also look at the umbilical cord. One thing they will look for will be the number of vessels that the umbilical cord has. An umbilical cord should have two arteries and a vein, called a three vessel cord.

While some people never have any desire to see the placenta, it is becoming more popular to actually look at the placenta. It is a unique organ, the only disposable organ that is ever grown. The placenta is an amazing organ that helped house and nourish your baby during your pregnancy.


Is the Cord Around the Baby's Neck at Birth a Problem?

I got this Q & A when i google about the cord around baby's neck...

Question: Is the Cord Around the Baby's Neck at Birth a Problem?

Answer: Parents are often frightened to think about the baby's umbilical cord being around the neck at birth. The truth is that this is a very common event, occurring in about one third of all births. The cord becomes wrapped around the neck during pregnancy as the baby moves around.

The umbilical cord is covered with a thick protective coating known as Wharton's Jelly. This is like gristle in texture and prevents the baby from compressing the arteries and vein that run through the cord. So the cord being wrapped does not usually pose a problem for baby.

At the time of birth, once the baby's head is out, the midwife or doctor will check around the baby's neck for the presence of the umbilical cord. Typically the cord is wrapped loosely enough for the cord to be slipped over the baby's head. If the cord is wrapped multiple times this may take awhile. Typically you will be asked not to push for a minute while this happens.

Sometimes the cord is wrapped too tightly and the cord will be cut before the baby can be born. This is done by your midwife or doctor by placing two cord clamps and cutting between them. This necessitates the baby's birth fairly rapidly since it is no longer getting nutrients from the mother via the placenta.

Occasionally the baby will be born so rapidly that neither of these methods can be employed. A skilled practitioner will hold the baby's head very even and close to the mother's body as the baby's body is born through the cord. This almost looks like the baby flips out as it is born.

The cord being around the neck usually requires no additional monitoring of the baby or mother.