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Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Web Hosting Reviews!

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Election Day!

Today is OCtober 25, 2010 and it is the local election day today here in the Philippines.
hmmp, what can I say?
hehehehe! I didn't vote!
I'm tired and really lazy to go out this morning.
Most of the establishments are closed and some are half day.
Well, goodluck to all the local politicians who run this barangay election.
Sa lahat ng winners CONGRATS and sa lahat ng talo-better luck next time!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love Scenic Furnitures!

My family business is into furnitures. We have been running this business for almost 20 years now. We have tried import and export to Malaysia. If given a chance to manage this business again I will surely accept my parents offer at the first place I am no longer naive with this kind of business.

I have been searching online for new furniture designs but so far there is only one website that caught my attention. The Scenic Furniture! It is a family run business that offers different kinds of furniture. From rustic dining, living and bedroom furniture.

Honestly speaking, I would go for the log beds. The designs and the materials are very scenic and very environmental. It is very pleasing to my eyes. If I have the budget I will purchase my own bedroom furniture from scenic furniture.


Preparing For Something BIG!

I am back to blogging again because I am preparing for something BIG!
I hope I can reach my goal before the month of December ends!
Things to remember:
It's my younger sisters b-day on the 19th and my nanays b-day on the 28th.
Rose is leaving for Zamboanga on the 26th and will be back after a week.
My parents and Rosie are leaving for HK on November.
wahhh...too bad I can't go with them!
Hoping to visit:
Boracay next year with sisters.
sigh....lots of things I wanted to do but I just can't!


Roller Blinds Made For You!

We have been using curtains for how many years now and why not make a change since holidays are coming. So, my sister and I are thinking of purchasing blinds for our windows at home.

We have been searching blinds at the mall but nothing catches our attention. Good thing her friend Annie told us about Web-Blinds. Imagine, you can just order online by just giving the size of your windows and they will deliver it.

You can customize your own roller blinds. I am thinking of holiday season designs our windows!What do you think? It wold be nice to see snowman, Santa clause maybe! If you are interested, you can check it out too!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Asha and Gibo :-)

Lovely kau si Asha!

Our babies are going to the park...


Acoustic Guitar Lessons For All Acoustic Lovers!

Did you know that I am a frustrated singer? Now you know! Hehehehe! I remember when I was in college, we have this music subject that I loved most. I choose to learn ow to play guitar since we have our own guitar at home. But no matter how I try play the guitar I just don't get it! I don't know if it is me or my music teacher!

Anyway, I have to cut my long finger nails for me to be able to play the guitar. But even if I have my own handbook, I cannot follow it well. Maybe I really need a one on one tutorial in guitar playing.

Now that I am 31, I don't know if I can still follow a guitar lesson. For all acoustic lovers out there and wants to learn how to play guitar. I have a good news for you! Check out this new website I have found online that will teach you how to play guitar. They offer an acoustic guitar lessons at!


Car Show In Gensan!

Porche Cars

Customized Cars

I love the purple...hehehehe

Pictures above were taken by sister during the Car show in Gensan.


UK City Break Apartments for Travelers Like Me!

Each one of us needs a break and how I wish I can get mine soon! Real soon if possible! I have been experiencing this terrible headache lately that I cannot take it anymore. Too bad I can't join my sister Rosilie. She is heading to Hongkong real soon. But if given a chance that I can go on a vacation, I am thinking of UK. Real funny but it is one of my wish. To travel United Kingdom someday.

I was a little excited by just thinking of it. I can imagine myself watching my favorite soccer team playing which is the Manchester. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Edinburgh is one of the venue of this certain movie I watched long time ago.

If I can go travel the world, it would be nice to stay in a self catering apartments. I have read and heard that there a lot of nice UK city breaks apartments that would fit my budget.