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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is Scam?

Online auctions are highly being talked. Most of us lavishly praise online auctions because you can see all items from household to personal things at affordable price. I don't know if you agree with me but eBay is very popular for me.

eBay sell gadgets and other stuffs. Way back how many years ago, eBay used to sell good deal products but later on, you can get a very unbelievable deal. So, buyers like me wonder why we can get a cheaper price for a certain item?!

I came across They sell all lines of household, gadgets and etc. They seem to have everything. It is like a one stop shop for auction lovers like me. But is scam?


As Of Today :-)

Today is September 29,2011.

This is me today. I am so big.

My old bracelet is gone and so I use my anklet as bracelet...hehehe


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Always Protect YourSelf From Your Enemies!

Are you fond of watching the famous sport boxing?If you do, you knew this famous tag line. "Protect Yourself At All Times"! I really love boxing and so I can relate with the famous tag line.

I have been avoiding this person because recently I found out she was telling different things to me and to her other friends. She was so nice and we even adopted her in our house.

I trusted her so much that I even let her check my mails and we exchange personal problems & etc. later on, I found out she was telling me lies.

Her batchmate in highschool said, she has mental disorder. So when they saw us together, they also thought that I have MO. hahaha! So, I got curious and asked around about her.

things that i have learned about her:

1. She married a foreigner and got divorced because she was having an affair with someone else.

2. She has been in the states for so long and she's a US citizen.

3. She went back to the Philippines and got married again with a foreigner.

4. She got pregnant and have it aborted.

5. Pretended to be still pregnant and pretend that she have a baby but behind it-she was just borrowing a little boy to get money from the foreigner.

6. She met a new guy and had affair with him.

7. Guy is married with 3 kids.

8. Pretended to be pregnant again and gave birth with a lil girl but still borrowing a child.

9. They got separated and met a new guy. Still a married men with kids.

10. Another guy comes along...

11. Someone pretended to be her mom and when the ex-bf met her real mom-she said its our housemaid...

Isn't it crazy?

I know you know a lot of things about me and you have done a lot of things that are unacceptable. So, I'm so done with you.

After using my child as your child, after contacting my friend and pretended that you gave birth and asked for money, after telling me lies about not being pregnant, after changing my account, after pretending to be me, after using my name and my number.

I know I have been to Cebu but I never went to Cebu with you.

Shocked because I know all this things?Surprise because those people you used and bothered told me! I feel so sorry for you.

I know you envy me so much.

But let me tell you this, no one will take you seriously if you keep on collecting men and just using them for your material needs.

So, from now's better to be alone. Hassle free!