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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Still In Manila :-)

I have been here since August 2o and to my friends who are wondering why I am not visiting them, Sorry! hehehe! I am just using a globe broadband that runs like a turtle!

Anyway, I have finally purchased a steaming equipment, equipment for cooking a patty burger and a deep frier for french fries! I am finally done with my purpose of going here! This coming friday will be the training for the franchise business that we are getting!

So, see you guys next week!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Search Your Files At Rapidshare!

Rapidshare is not actually new to me. I have been using this site every time I search for video, music and games. If you are not familiar with the site maybe you can take a look at Rapidshare search. You can actually find what you are looking at rapidshare.

The search engine is actually new but they managed to be known in the internet community because of their service. So, if you are thinking of searching something, you can try searching at rapidshare. It will give you tons of results that you need. It is very convenient actually and it doesn't need additional expenses but of course you have to search and download.


Weird Theme Park

image from odde
I was thinking of posting couples of weird theme park
but i'd rather post this wholesome image from odde. hehehehe


Gothic Chat Room For My Younger Sister!

Gothic Image

You might be wondering who is this person. I found this image when I was browsing gothic images online. They look so cool with those black clothes, black make-up and black nail polish. Gothic women are sexy and cute for me. Actually, I have seen a lot of gothic men and women strolling at the mall. I think my younger is one of them. I will surely inform her about this gothic chat I have found. She will surely love it because there are tons of gothic people she can meet. The registration is 100% free. She can view other gothic member’s web cam while communicating.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need An Extra Hand?

Worst photoshop mistake ever...lolz
The artis forgot to take of the extra hand on her shoulder!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Direct Sat TV for My Satellite Provider!

I love watching TV shows when I am just at home and during my free time, I can't stop watching movies from my favorite TV channels like HBO and Cinemax. In this modern world we live in, Direct TV is the most loved satellite provider. Direct Sat TV offers a wide range of TV channels with different packages to choose from.

Actually, there are tons of Direct TV Service but for a TV lovers like me, we choose the Choice extra. It is intended for TV fanatic like me. There are 200+ channels in our package and for me it is the best. Direct TV System offers the best value compared to a cable television that we are using before. Good thing about the Direct Sat TV, they offer the most affordable packages and starts as low as $29.99 a month.


Pregnant Belly Painting!

Check this out! hehehe
The coolest pregnant belly painting I have found at!

DJtammy Is My Trusted Online Store!

There are a lot of existing online store that sells different commodities that we need. Most are high and top quality product but as an online shopper like me, I am looking for a trusted and respected online store that can deliver what I need.Women love to bargain and to be honest, you can only find most Wonderful wholesale goods on This IPhone below was purchased at

This is the iPhone that I am using right now and we bought it online at It was delivered on time and it was hassle free. offers a wide range of items to choose from and most of the items are discount wholesale products.

Am looking at their ladies wear and I found this pink dress. It is very adorable.

This will surely looks good on me. I will definitely purchase this dress before anybody else does. is indeed a one stop shop. You will find anything you like from clothing, jewelry and IT products for wholesale before you can change the next page.

By the way, their items include digital products, consumable electronic products, clothes, daily consumables, small appliances and hand-made products. All at reliable quality, reasonable price and with excellent services that makes them gain a respected reputation.


Tattoo Chat for Tattoo Lovers!

I have a lot of friends with tattoo skin art. Actually, I am thinking of getting one for myself. I just can't decide where and when. I am still looking for the right and perfect art for me.

Few days ago, I registered myself at Tattoo chat . It is the right place for tattoo lovers to hang out and the registration is 100% free. Members can get in touch with other members profile, their favorites, it allows the member for a private messaging.

Members can enjoy the live high-quality streaming web cams with audio! It also gives the members the chance to browse through member profiles and check out their uploaded photos, summary and a lot more.


Mountain Climbing Adventure!

We arrived yesterday evening from our 4 days mountain climbing adventure.
Above are the pictures taken during our climb.
I will post more pics of our adventure next time.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing Online Bingo Is Fun!

Playing bingo online is mostly enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. It could be millions I guess. But these people are looking for trusted bingo online sites and which I will share with you my trusted bingo online site, the Jet Bingo!

I have worked in a call center before and I have honestly admitted that I have handled one private account. I have been handling appointments for escort service in the US and aside from that I was asked to handle a gambling account which is a bingo online. The account was new and as expected, there were fewer players.

I have tried playing the Happy Hour. It is played every Monday between 4-6PM. The good thing about this, they are giving away DOUBLE LOYALTY POINTS for all chat games. This is just another Magic Monday for Jet Bingo. I met a couple of players and they told me that it was fun playing online bingo game because they can do it anytime and at the luxury of his own home. He was laughing when I told him; I was playing during office hour. I didn't tell him it was a dry run for the newly established online game.

Anyway check out the list of games they have: the welcome bonus, a 42" flat screen TV to be won, bingo cruise-Mexican Riviera, back to school, £100 jackpot, team bingo, chika in London '07, £1M coveralls, weekend promos, loyalty program, refer a friend and my favorite is the happy hour game. I will surely tell my friends about this and so that they can refer a friend and at the same time they can earn 5,000 LPS for every friend that will be recommended.

To all worldwide players who are looking for fun and safe Bingo site, take a look of JetSet Bingo. It is a UK bingo site. After checking, make sure you know everything about the game. Do not risk your money!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't Drink When You Travel!

This lad is sleeping inside the train.
Obviously drunk and so he leave his motorcyle
and take the train instead!

I just told her not to drink too much!!!

Now, this is one sweet drunken master sleeping inside the train with his white roses.
Don't drink too much if you can't handle it smoothly!


At The Comfort of Your Own Business!

Did you know what is the best thing in owning your own business? You have all the chance to shop for your own office furniture and including your own office chairs. If I were to choose my own office chairs, I will surely pick a designer office chairs like Ergonomic Executive chairs.

Right now, I am thinking of purchasing the Unico Hi Back Office Chair by Zuo Modern Contemporary at Spacify. There two colors available which is the black and white. Spacify offer a quick ship and free shipping. If you are searching for your own office chairs, I suggest you take a look at the Spacify. They sell modern contemporary furniture!


Pink Backpack for My Climbing Gear!

I will be leaving tomorrow and I am done packing my things.
Aside from my luggage, I have an extra pink backpack which is a LaFuma Backpack.
I will use this gear for my mountain climbing on Friday morning.
Wish me luck! I hope I can make it without complaining...lolz


New Site To Hang Out For Asian Like Me!

I have been so bored lately that I wanted to do anything and everything just to occupy my mind. So, I have been browsing from one chat room to another room. Luckily, I was able to find the right chat room that simply suits me. The Asian chat rooms for an Asian like me.

Most of the members are Asian and if you are into Asian ladies, this is the right place to meet Asian single ladies with web cam. This is 100% Free Asian Chat Rooms for chat users who love Asian. I will definitely tell my Asian friends to join this cool site I have found.


Kitty Cat Hiding Under The Skirt!

Did you know that during my dull moment,
I just browse for funny stories and funny pictures.
I found this picture at odd site. Hehehe
Take a look of this girl riding a train with her pet under her skirt! lolz
Kitty cat must be very scared that is why is she hiding.
Cute ins't it?! lolz


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Says Nothing Comes For Free!

I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for a long trip. But before that, I would like to share with you my new pastime. Actually, I have tried doing this when I was young and I decided to play it again because I found a new place to hang out that I don't have to spend money for fun but instead I have a chance to win cash.

Few days ago, I registered myself for a free newsletter and I have been receiving the best Bingo bonuses and I was able to learn how to play bingo for free and win huge cash prizes before anybody else does. One of the best free bingo deal I have received was the Costa Bingo. It is an exciting new provider of bingo and related games, which can be enjoyed only at They claimed to be the fastest growing bingo site which is no doubt. They can be trusted to deliver security, privacy and fair play which are the most important factors in playing bingo online.

Although Costa bingo is new in the business, they offer the best bonuses for the new members and actually these bonuses are about as good as it gets for bingo websites! On the other hand, they also offer a wide range of promotion and specials which is very exciting. I have tried playing the Costa Party Special and Costa Crazy.

So, if you are a bingo fanatic like me and you have been browsing page to page of trusted bingo sites. Check out this free bingo games at No Bull Bingo site. This is where I get my free bingo bonuses. You can try playing the Posh Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, game Village Bingo, Wink Bingo, Ladbrokes Bingo, Mecca Bingo, 888 Ladies Bingo and the Costa Bingo.

Don't waste your time now, Play for Free and Win for Real!


Monday, August 17, 2009


I was a bit surprised when I open my site today and read the message of Catherine of Cathara Main. She will be celebrating her 25th birthday on October 13 and that will be less than 2 months.

Cath, I think you are in the stage of confusion. Feeling old is just a state of mind.
You don't have to lose teeth, have white hairs and reach a certain age to be old.
I am proud to say that I am 30, I have white hairs but I feel and look so young that I wanted to be 50. There could be activities that I can no longer endure to do like biking for hours or go mountain hiking for days. These are activities that can't be endured by literally old people but for those who in spite of their old age conquered their physical limitations by doing almost the impossible. They are those who are young in spirit and don't see age as a hindrance. I have seen a number of young ones who appear to be at the verge of helplessness, that they prefer suicide, drugs, alcohol to name a few. This reality contradicts the very meaning of youth: hope, adventure, life to its fullest. Truly, there are really people who wanted to grow old faster because they don't want to go to through life pains and disappointments. But, age and life's spices go together. We grow older but wiser and tougher because of the learnings we get from our very mistakes or failed relationships. If we don't learn from these, I guess age doesn't count at all.

On the other hand, there are people who are between their 50's to 80's who dress up young and act young. For them, they can dress just like youngster because they can't accept that they are way past their age. Some old ones simply wanted to look better regardless of their lifestyle or clothing because that makes them feel better. Indeed, age is a state of mind, a matter of perspective.

I would like to share this tag to my friend Janyen, Phebie, Sherry, Angie, Sudha, Rose, Rosemarie, Chuchie and Rosa.


We Need Help To Make Our Business Grow!

Owning a business is not easy. With the economic condition right now, my family has been thinking of different plans on how to generate more income than more losses. Good thing my friend Brian who owns a call center in Asia and who is currently living in Tampa, Florida just told me great news about a certain person name Douglas Kaplan .

Well, aside from the fact that he is just 30 years old and living in Orlando, Florida. Douglas Kaplan is also an entrepreneur that works with advertising. He has over ten years of experience in Business development and consultation. With his extensive experience in SEO, radio advertising, Internet advertising, telemarketing call centers, lead generation, mortgage and health related companies. Surely he can help our business grow.


Perfect Place for a Body Builder Like Me!

Did you know that I was into body building before? I joined the body building before when I was 23. It was always my main concern to have a physically fit body. I was such a fat lady when I was younger and so I decided to join the body building. It helps me boast my ego and gained so much confidence.

It was fun meeting male and female body builders and I am so happy that I found a new place to stay. A perfect place for bodybuilders like me. The bodybuilder chat is for male and female bodybuilders. Registration is free and this is the best chat site for body builders who are on webcams.


Latest Fashion At Work!

The lady is keep on looking at him.
Maybe she is wondering where she can buy these clothes!

I did not know that these are the newest fashion in going to the office.
Bill, would like to go to work with this outfit?


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Building Bridges To Employees Payday!

Due to economic condition, more employees are into payday loan and online cash advances. But do you think they are the only people who are into payday loan? I think it is a two way process, both employees and employer are experiencing economic recession. As business owner, we have to make sure our employees get paid no matter what happen.

So, it is a big decision for me to make to get a payday loan and online cash advance for the salaries of our employees. With their discreet online application, I don't think it will be a problem to face. They offer a very easy, quick and fast service. So, I can release their salaries on time. Right now, this is the best answer to bridge the gap of their salaries.


I Am a Right Brained in Love!

You Are Right Brained in Love

When it comes to love, you go with your gut not with your head.

You have an open heart. You fall in love easily and get hurt just as easily.

You are spontaneous with relationships. You go with the flow and don't worry about the future.

You are romantic, empathetic, and caring. More than most people, you really love being in love.

I have just finished packing my things for this weeks' trip.
I don't know if I am excited but all I know I need this trip.
I really miss someone!
I wish I can turn back time


Friday, August 14, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

I would like to say thank you to my friend COLIN of SEXY LEGS and BODY for tagging me with
10 random facts about me.

1. I am a Cancerian: lolz

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog
2. I am 30 years old, slim, tanned and single mother with a 1 year old son, recently dumped, Notre Dame graduate, frustrated print ad model :)) bwahahaha, I am cook :-)

3. Former DJ of HOT FM.

4. I had a slight seizure 3 years ago. I have a short term memory loss!

5. I love subway

and Melts in my mouth not in my hands :)) Krispy Kremes

6. I love the smell of Fantasy Britney Spears. This is my perfume!

and Most of my undergarments are thong, t-back and strings,

I really love shoes...

7. Run away for three times, I was drunk when I took the teachers board exam! I passed :)) Lucky me :)), I was into dress making :-) , I was supposed to take the PMA exam, My height didn't qualify, I was born in the vicinity of the sea but I can't swim well :))

8. I have a phobia with RIDES- bus, motorcycle, plane, any kind of rides :)) including carnival rides :))

9. I have two TOE RINGS in my toes :))

10. Hopeless romantic, I love holding hands while walking, I love guys who loves to kiss my neck, shoulder, back, legs and feet! I might be very sensual, provocative in your eyes but I'm kinda naive in bed...lolz! I don't know! I will let my partner tell you what am I in bed!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

ADT Home Security in Our Home!

I don't know if you can still remember about the robbing incident in our store. We don't have a theft alarm that time. So, my sister Rosilie decided to purchased two sets of ADT home security system. One was installed in our home to ensure the safety of our kids and our home.

As you know, we manufacture furniture. Our house is open to our workers and visitors.


Manila Trip Next Week!

After the Samal Trip last weekend, I decided to flew back to Manila next week.
Not alone ofcourse! I will be bringing Ziggy with me.
I was invited by my friends to go mountain climbing.
It sounds fun right?!
I will be leaving on the 20Th of the month, so,
I might not be online for the next few weeks
because I didn't purchased a return ticket!

I will be gone for awhile!


Learning English Was Made Easier!

I stated in my profile that I am a professional licensed English teacher. Well, actually a regular teacher that you can find in school teaching English subject. A teacher that goes to school every day with an English book.

With the current trend of teaching, Learning English was made fun and easier. Students will have their own private English teacher. All the teachers are “native English speakers”; basically English is their first language. They are all qualified teachers, which mean they have been to universities & colleges. They are all high quality trained teachers but just in case you don't like his/her technique, you will have the chance to change your teacher anytime.

What makes Skype English school differs from the other schools? With Skype English School, lesson prices are up to 75% cheaper than traditional English schools and all lessons are private. With a bonus of free 15 minute trial lesson the first time you visit.


Helping A Friend and His Chosen Charity!

I don't know if you are familiar with this person.
But if not, let me tell you who is this great guy my family met last Sunday.
Commonly called as Dan but sometimes I call him Sigbin.
He is the author of I Chronicle Madness.
If you happen to visit his site,
he is the man behind those erotic paintings!

He is a certified civil engr. but working as a wed designer and an artist.
Most of his time were devoted in making sensual paintings.
They will be having an exhibit on the 22nd of the month.
The sketches will be sold and part of it will go to his chosen charity.

So, now you know why I like this guy so much.
Well, actually not just me but my entire family adores him.
A low profile person with a big heart to the less fortunate.
I am so glad that we are friends.

I know he will be surprise about this post!
This is the notebook that he is selling for php550.
According to him, price is negotiable.
There are 47 sketches in this notebook.
It is 5x 4.5 inches

Take time to visit his site,
maybe you would like to help them out buy purchasing their awesome works.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Was Handling A Gambling Account!

I remember when I was still working at the call center. I have honestly admitted that I have handled one private account. I have been handling appointments for escort service in the US and aside from that I was asked to handle a gambling account which is a casino online.

Handling the escort service account was a lot easier that handling the casino games online. Since it was newly established casino online game that time, there were less players. As we all know, casino games are mostly enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. It could be millions I guess. But these people are looking for trusted Online Casinos.

I had a chance to talked to someone I played before with slot games. He told me that it was fun playing online casino game since he can do it anytime and at the luxury of his own home. He was laughing when I told him, I was playing during office hour. I didn't tell him it was a dry run for the newly established online casino game. It was my job to play because I was paid for it.

Worldwide players who are looking for fun and safe casino games online, take a look of the list of trusted online casino games I have found. After checking, make sure you know everything about the game. Do not risk your money!


Bite Me! - Glitter Graphics

I have finished reading the book New Moon from the Twilight Saga and just this evening,
local tv show aired the trailer of the movie.
I can't wait to watch it on big screen.


Where Does Your Taste Take You?

Are you thinking of getting a short break? Or maybe planning a vacation with family or friends? Is going to France is one of your lifelong dream? Thinking of Italy or Greece? How about India? If you do, I have great news for you.

Join the awesome contest going on sponsored by Stouffer's Panini .Actually; they are currently launching 4 great varieties of Bistro Meatballs & Peppers, Bistro Chicken Souvlaki, Lean Cuisine Grilled Vegetables & Goat Cheese and Lean Cuisine Mango Chicken Tikka.

In connection with that, they are running a contest that will allow you to get a chance to win one of the three Grand Prizes: Choice of India, Greece, Italy and France destinations or $10, 000 Gift Card. You can also win 1 of 12 Secondary Prizes which is the Sony Digital Camcorders with the Value of $500 and daily instant prizes of free Stouffer’s product coupons.

Isn't it tempting? I will surely inform my aunt about this awesome contest. She is currently living in Winnipeg, Canada. By the way, the registration process allows you for one free entry only. One unique UPC code entry per day and the offer is available only to Canadian residents. If you are interested in joining this contest, you can visit Stouffers-panini and you can register here.

So, if you know where your taste can take you, register now!



Insomnia :-(

Whew! I can't sleep again! I have drink 2 bottles of coca cola today and glass of pepsi just before I closed my room. Since I can't sleep, I decided to check out what are really the causes and symptoms of insomnia.

Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease. By definition, insomnia is "difficulty initiating or maintaining asleep or both" and it may be due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. Insomnia is not defined by a specific number of hours of sleep that one gets, since individuals vary widely in their sleep needs and practices. Although most of us know what insomnia is and how we feel and perform after one or more sleepless nights, few seek medical advice. Many people remain unaware of the behavioral and medical options available to treat insomnia.

Well, after drinking an anti-depressant pill still I can't sleep. I guess, I really need to seek a medical advice. What you think?


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping For My Son!

One of my hearts' desires as a woman and a mother is shopping. Shopping for myself and shopping for my little boy Ziggy. Few days ago, he turn 1 year old and time flies so fast that he can stand up now and wants to walk. So, I was thinking of shopping him a Baby Gyms and Play Mats. He likes playing, so I want his baby gym as durable, foldable and washable.

Right now, Ziggy is using his old baby crib. It was personally designed and made in our store but I am thinking of changing his crib to a Baby Cot . Since he is not a baby anymore, it would be nice if his new cot will be convertible. It will expensive compared to a regular cot but it is a onetime purchase so, it will be worth it.

I never had a Changing Stations for Ziggy but if I could turn back time. I would love to have one. It would be nice to have a changing table inside in our room. My sister is making fun of my son. She calls Ziggy as baby monster because he ate anything. Rice, biscuits, durian fruit and a lot more. So, I think he needs a High Chair. A bassinet was not in my list because it is too much luxury but for some parents Bassinets are necessity. It can be moved from room to room. I am also thinking about prams. Good thing they also have shopping guide for Prams.

You might be wondering where I can get all these stuffs in one place. It is at ShopKiwi, you can purchase everything you need before you go. There are 30,000 stores to choose from, so, it is a one stop shop for mothers like me.


Samal Island: Fernandez Resort!

This is the Fernandez Resort in Samal Island.
They have a canteen, cr's and cottages!
There were a lot people during our stay and it was really fun.
I think, this is the only resort during that time with lots of people.
I would suggest this place for family outing.

It was my first time to go to Samal Island and I was so excited about everything.
I can't stop giggling that time and I can't stop asking Angie if this is it?!
I thought, we are going to take a mini boat like what my sister told me but what
happen was, we took a bus and the bus was carried by the barge...lolz
It was my first time, so I took pictures of the vicinity of the wharf while we are sitting inside the bus.


Great Paintings Of Sergey Smirnov!

I have just received a couple of messages from my artist friend Sigbin. Who is asking for a little favor to help them out with their art sketches? Since they are doing it for a good cause, I said yes! I was looking at their great & awesome sketches and it reminds me of the great portraits of Sergey Smirnov.

I like his works because he uses oil on his canvass. It looks very natural and translucent quality. You will surely appreciate his works because it portrays someone's personality or they called it "persona". It simply bridges the worlds of religious and personal portraiture as he adopts the painting styles of Western Europeans Salons.

As I continue reading about this great artist, I found out that way back 1997; he was honored as the only third living artist to have a personal exhibit at the Kremlin's Manezh. The place was ranked as one of the most prestigious art galleries in the whole world. But he died 3 years ago at Fingerhut Galleries in the US.

Anyway, you can find his great works at Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles. I wonder if my friend saw his work but I will definitely tell him about Sergey Smirnov tomorrow.


I DO...

Have you ever tried waking up in the morning
wondering if this is your last day on earth?
Have you ever tried leaving your house
thinking if you will still be coming back?
I do!

Have you ever tried laying down beneath the stars
wishing and hoping that God will hear you?
Have you ever tried looking at someone turning their back on you
after too many unforgettable memories?
I do!

Have you ever tried unwanted pregnancy
forcing you to choose?
Have you ever tried considering suicide
as the only way to resolved everything?
I do!

Have you ever tried feeling such pain
that makes you cry yourself over and over again?
If you haven't, I guess you have no right
to judge me the way you do right now!

But love is just love.
People makes mistakes and
all I need to do is to be patient.
He is not coming back anymore as many people said.

I am just glad, that there was one time in my life
I had the chance
to look at the sky with someone and
turns everything right.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Diamonds for My Engagement Ring!

I am a very hopeless romantic person. I love holding hands while walking and looking at the stars with my partner. I never had a chance to be engaged and so I never experienced those romantic and sweet scenes in the movies that when the guy said," Will You Marry Me?"

My wedding was so abrupt although it was not an arranged wedding but it was the most surprising thing that ever happens to me. My boyfriend who just visited over a holiday, the next day was he took me to the city hall to file a wedding registration. I was a little disappointed because I always imagine a wedding proposal with a surprise engagement ring that didn't happen at all.

Our marriage fails and so as my wedding ring is gone. If given a chance that I can meet the right person for me. I would love to experience amazing wedding proposals from him. Just recently, I watched few videos that I would like to share with you and I hope you like it. I watched these videos a couple of times and I can't stop myself from watching it again.

If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, Robbins Brothers is the right store for you. It is an engagement ring store that offers a wide range of engagement rings, promise rings, wedding rings and designer rings. Robbins Bros knows better how to express a couple's commitment by making your wedding a special day. Right now, I am looking at their diamond engagement rings. They are so lovely.


I Feel Relaxed and Relieved!

I know everybody is waiting for pictures of the Samal Island trip I had.
Whew! Where will I start?
What do you want to know?
I was really excited of the trip coz for the first time I can have a relaxing trip alone.
but...................that flag! lolz
A friend suggested tampons! hahaha
Thank you Dhemz! I didn't know if we have that here!
Anyway, I was pretty drunk that night! Am I?
I don't remember actually.
All I remember was, I was wearing my 2 piece swimwear,
with my skirt and see-through guess.

The rest of the scene was.....


My First Relaxing Trip Alone!

Last weekend was the most exciting get away I had in my entire life. I woke up early in the morning and traveled for three long hours to reach my first destination. I was relaxed in the entire trip because the A/C was working beyond my expectation. It was really cold and I can’t see outside the window because of the moist of the air conditioning. The driver must have checked his supercharger before hitting the road.

I remember, we purchased supercharger, turbo charger and nose cover online. We are just waiting for the items to arrive. By the way, they offer wide range of superchargers at best price ever. They have Mercedes Supercharger, Buick Supercharger and Pontiac Supercharger.

Thank you so much for the best and fantastic customer service you gave us guys! Keep up!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Loyal Friend and Visitor Award!

This award was given to me by my very good and loyal friend David of Basic Bloganomics.
Thank you so much D.

Here's the rule:

1. Copy the loyal picture above
2. Pass it to you think who is/are deserving.
3. Leave a message to them
4. Pass as many as you want.
5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

I will con't doing this when I get back from my mini trip...hehehe


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling Chef...AKOH!!!

Last weekend was really fun, my family decided to do something!
Siopao! See me and my sister Xeria?
hehehe, I was the chef that day!
oh...feeling chef pla! lolz
Here are the cute lil siopao I made...
Does it look like Siopao na bah?


Making My Life Easier With Free Mortgage Rates Widget!

I know each and every one of us it too busy with our own lives. Sometimes, we overlook the things we need to know. We forget even few little things and I must admit, I do oftentimes forget about everything. Right now, all I want to do is make my life easier.

Since, I have my own site and I have lots of friends, I am putting a free Mortgage Rates Widget on my side bar. It will keep me and my friends updated of the current bank rates and even with mortgage rates.



Forgive me if I'm carrying own chair...lolz
But this is the least I can do to myself now..hehehe
Making myself feel good...
Looking hot at 30 although I was dumped 3 weeks ago!
Still not over it yet and........

hate the fact that my breast are shrinking because I lose morethan 5 pounds
I guess...maybe morethan that!

I thought, I was one tough bitch!But I'm not!
I am such a cry baby that cry over a man who dumped me!

Whew! shopping and going to beach...hope it will help me ease all the pain!
Maybe a new boyfriend?What do you think guys?
or I'm better off alone! hehehe


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Mini Get Away With Friends!

It has been almost a month I guess and still I can't get over it!
So, my friends and I decided to have a mini get away.
We are going to Samal Island this coming Saturday.

I am so excited that finally I can relax at the beach.
Two days ago, I went shopping for a swimwear! hehehe
I bought a 2 piece which I am wearing at the pictures.
I also bought a tiny mini skirt to match...lolz
Here am I, practicing a pose! lolz
Peaceful isn't it?!
I can't wait for this to happen!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh What A Torture!

I have been so upset and depress lately but I am trying to gain back my composure. I have been taking an anti-depressant to ease all the pain and so I can sleep without thinking of anything that bothers me. But now, someone is trying to torture me by sending a picture of me and ....

I don't know him and never heard of his name! I don't know what he is upto but what he is doing is not helping at all. Sigh! What did I do to deserved all this pressures and disappointment? Now, instead of taking anti-depressant, I feel like drinking a dozen of Valium so, I will be knock off soon!