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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What is Summoned?

What is summoned?

Summoned is to call together; convene, to request to appear; send for. In Law, to order to appear in court by the issuance of a summons, to order to take a specified action; bid: summon the captain to surrender.

If you are summoned by someone, goodluck!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheap Nursing Scrubs!

Did you know that my father was a retired Navy? He was connected with Philippine Navy but a retired man now. Funny but even before I went to college, I always admire people who are in uniform. Not because of what they do but simply because they look so admirable, neat and clean when they are in uniform.

I really love looking at professionals who wears white uniforms like nurses and navy's. I have a friend who have two sisters who are in medical jobs. I just love their nursing scrubs. They look so beautiful and comfortable with it.

Before this month ends, I know it will be her birthday and I wonder where to buy cheap scrubs for her as my birthday gift. Pretty sure she will love it. I can't wait to give her a new uniform for her medical jobs.


Cocktail Dress for Me!

image from bing

This coctail dress is just so perfect for me.

The Kreativ boutique is one of the sponsor for tonights event and

my sister Rosilie is inviting me to join her tonight.

What do you think this dress that I pick?