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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Entrecard Problem ...

Everytime I woke up in the morning- I automatically signed in to our laptop and do my morning routine :)) The entrecard dropping for my sister Rosilie. But here is what I got today :)

Too bad I can't continue my Ec dropping today. Anyway, happy holiday to all pinoys :D


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Dito Lang sa Pinas :))

Good Morning :-)

I was a bit surprised why Pipoy and Yuri are not preparing to school today and I found out it's holiday again. I did not ask what kind of holiday it is but isn't it funny???
Americans only celebrated 2 big holidays which are the Independence Day and the Thanks Giving Day while for us Pinoy - almost every month we are celebrating different kind of holidays- Mothers Day, Fathers Day, All Souls Day, All saints Day, New years Day, Christmas day, Labor Day and even Muslim day :)) kidding aside but why is our government loves holiday??? Was it because NO WORK with PAY :)) for students- NO Classes and they can hang around. But do they really knew the value of the holiday??? I bet not :))

Whew!!! Only here in the Philippines :)) kakaiba talaga tayo. Teka muna, ano na naman ba meron ngayon December 1?


A Bit Drunk :))

Oh Don't look at me like that :)) what? I don't have the right to drink?

I'm not fuckin' perfect so I guess I can do what I like and this is my life :))

I'm the only person who is in control of this fuckin' life!!! Am I right dude?

I think this is just one of those down moments that I need to face :))

and pretty sure you have experienced it--- :P

Damn!!! Why do i get this feeling everytime im damn so alone :))

Something is really missing and I really don't know what :-(


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wish List :-)

December is fast approaching and before we knew it's already Christmas.

We all knew that during Christmas it's time for gift giving, fun shopping and fine dining.
But I think this will be the first Christmas that I will just sit my ass in the chair and do nothing :))
I remember last last year I was in Kuala Lumpur spending my holiday and last year I was with the love of my life ( ??? ) hehehehe but this year??? hmmp, I think I will just sleep :))

I have been a real bad bad bad girl this year so, i don't think i deserved something :D
But let me say sorry to the people I have hurt :-) SORRY PO...
and I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who never turned their back on me! hugs and kisses to you all >:D< :-* Anyway, since it's Christmas I still want to have my own wish list :D It's Pipoy's birthday on the 4th of December- Wish to give him a b-day party.Kids love it!!! cake, toys and balloons. :-( My 2nd Digi cam is in the good hands of my dear Pawnshop :(( Wish I can get it :(( :-( same thing with the apple ipod my sister gave me :(( still wish to get it :-( The recent incident (robbery) in our very own store-took my hand bag with all my valuable stuffs like Cellphone, money, ids- wah!!! ang malas ko diba :(( wish I can have my own phone. Im just using my sisters phone. I went to the mall yesterday with nanay and I saw this shoes at celine :)) super duper cutie kaso super duper expensive :)) I wish to get all my family members a Christmas gift :-( this is the 1st christmas that i didn't prepare anything for them. Too bad- I don't have a job unlike before!!! Out of town trip........................ Out of town trip........................ Out of town trip........................ out of town trip......................... hahahaha. After all the miseries I have experienced I think I deserve a break :-) This are the things i want for Christmas :-) It's just things so it's ok if i cant have it :-) hmmp, how about you? what do you want for Christmas???


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding Dresses

While I'm doing the EC dropping for my sister Rosilie
One blogger caught my attention, she posted pictures of her wedding at the beach and post pictures of different designs of wedding dress and they are so lovely. It makes my heart beat so fast that I wanted to be married also. Oh, I mean I wanted to wear those wedding dress :)) --to model :)) hahahaha

Or maybe you can check out the blog of Unique Ideas
for some nice and beautiful wedding designs.


I Miss You Like Mad by Tyrese

Going outta my mind, keep thinking about you.
Keeping wondering when, I'll see you again.
Can't believe that you're gone,
Everything's all wrong.
Thought that I could live without your love,
But it's just not true, I'm nowhere without you.
I would die if I'm without your touch.
Hurts my heart so bad,

And miss you like mad.
Like crazy, crazy,
And I need my arms around you baby,
And it's hurting so bad.
Please save me, say that you take me back,
Cause I miss you like mad.

Need you back in my life,
I'm so lost without you.
Baby, nothing feels right.
Crying shamelessly at night.
Keep asking myself, how was I so wrong.
Thought that I could make it on my own,
But there's just no way, I can take her heartache,
And the thought of one more night alone,
Makes my heart so sad.

And miss you like mad.
Like crazy, crazy,
And I need my arms around you baby,
And it's hurting so bad.
Please save me, say that you take me back,
Cause I miss you like mad.

I would give anything to get you back.
I would do anyting you'd ever ask.
All my world is in your hands,
Give me one more chance,
Cause I miss you like mad.

And miss you like mad.
Like crazy, crazy,
And I need my arms around you baby,
And it's hurting so bad.
Please save me, say that you take me back,
Cause I miss you like mad.


Look Who's In Town???

With my 4 days trip to Manila, I didn't missed to visit my favorite doughnuts-
KRISPY KREMES hehehe :-)
Look Who's In Town?

Snowman is the newest and coolest design they have.
Diba ang cute niya??
December is fast approaching and before you knew its already Christmas.
So, tamang-tama si snowman for this season.

and meet my own personal favorite :D ORIGINAL GLAZE.
I can remember, my sister and I can finished a dozen of this original glaze in less than 2 hours.
hahaha :-) ang sarap kasi and even its expensive its really worth.
Very tasty and the glaze melts in your mouth... yummy talaga!!!

Here is another flavor that they have the cookies and creme.

Find this one cute also- si santa claus.
by the way, they have a lot of flavors to choose from and rest assured lahat masarap.
Too bad, we don't have Krespy Kremes here in GenSan.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Back!!!

My ass has been so busy lately that I was not able to visit my personal blog.
I only visited when i got the chance to burst out all the anger in me...lolz!!!
What a life!!!

I just got home from a 4 days trip to manila with my sister Xeria and KZ.

We went to greenhills, MOA, greenbelt. Had breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whew!Lahat sosyal na restaurant! I bought to boxes of my favorite donut --KRISPY KREMES-hehehehe

I miss the locals food that i used to ate when i'm hungry. Most especially the LOMI of Yolly's .Bukas, yari ka sakin.LOLZ!