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Friday, April 25, 2008


Hey single ladies outhere, don't hate me with this blog.
As you read this LOVE and LIFE issue you will see blissful faces,
read stories about romance and couples galore. Oh Yes, these couples are true to life and their rapport transcends beyond the picture you see on this page.

They are in love---- but don't kill them for it... Lets just say that they are list of those who found the connection in college, Internet, school, or co-workers. I didn't , I was searching for a long time. In the meantime, I went through crying sessions and many doubts, including doubts about myself in a serious, committed relationship. But when I did find my man almost seven months ago, I focused on changing all that and we started working together towards a "cool" relationship. My definition of "cool" in the context would be being part of pair but keeping a part of me always intact. It's easy to get lost in the whole feeling of love, like MU or whatever. Basically it's still being able to enjoy your self singly, in order to be happy doubly.

First, Really feel good about yourself. Stay healthy and really fit. I would include exercising the right attitude as part of the recipe towards being healthy. A lot times, it isn't enough to just exercise your body and mind, right? Your will is a very powerful thing.

Second, Learn to say NO---very gently. When in a relationship, always trying to please the one you love isn't always the answer. If what he wants conflicts with that you believe in, then make sure you explain your side calmly. A big percentage of friction of daily life is cause by the wrong tone of voice.

Lastly, It's OK to have SECRETS. As long as it doesn't interfere with the integrity of your relationship, it's ok. He doesn't have to read all your messages or emails. If trust matters to both of you, respect each other's space.

These three worked for me!!! So, if you are single ...have fun!!! Go out on a date and enjoy life. To the couples I have featured on this blog... I'm so happy for you!!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's something we all wonder. No matter how heated the break-up, most of us spend at least a little time thinking about our exes and wondering if somehow, some way, some day we'll get back together. Maybe it's because we needed a little time apart to put all the good stuff in perspective, or maybe it's because once we've fished the seas again, we realize that, no, there aren't really all that many prized species in there after all. In any case, wouldn't you like to know whether he's moved on or stuck on you? Here, some ways that can help you figure it out.

1. Decode His Out-of-the-Blue E-Mail
The two of you break up, you vow never to speak again to the lout. And you don't, until your inbox pings, his name shows up, and the subject line reads, "hey." A peace offering or a sneaky way for him to weasel his way back into your life? From what he writes, it'll seem like he's just trying to be friends (a recap of how it's going, an allusion to the woman he's dating). Not so fast. If he throws in a few mini-brags about himself (something good at work, great vacation he has coming up), he may be trying to promote the notion that he wasn't so bad after all (a new gal sees something in him, right?). He may be testing the waters to see if you're game.

2. Gauge His Emotions
You run into him at a bar, a coffee shop, a mutual friend's birthday bash. Most likely, he'll try to play it cool - pretend like he's good, you're good, everything's good. Chances are, the less he talks, the more he pines. If he's able to spend some time talking without showing extreme ranges of emotions (uh, anger) or silence, then he's probably found himself in a better place.

3. Translate His Conversation
Guys have been practicing the art of wooing women all their lives. And they know-or at least they should know-that women don't respond all that well to pick-up lines and pretentious attitudes. Guys know that one of their most effective tactics is to ask a lot of questions. So when the two of you reconnect (via run-in, coffee date, e-mail), see if he switches back to pursuit mode: if there's lots of questions and lots of conversation, there may also be lots of hope that what attracted you to him in the first place will attract you again.

4. Assume Yes
You may think that guys take break-ups easy-that they run out, throw down beers with the guys, and move on. But the truth is that men hold onto their feelings about their exes for a long time, probably because few of them let it out in the way women do: by talking to their friends, their mom, and their friends' moms. (Kidding!). I can tell you that one of the most common relationship questions we receive at Men's Health is from guys asking how to get their women back; they realized after a few months that they indeed let the best one, the right one, the essential one get away. And they might even be ready to admit they now know who handles break-ups better.


Monday, April 21, 2008


It was so weird last nite , when I was sleeping I was dreaming that you were holding my hands, when I woke up my hands were free. It really felt like you were holding them. That's because we spent so much time together..It felt so right..I need to concentrate on work ..I will fill you in....
Have a great day, Say hello to everybody!!

....I just can't stop smiling when reading this mail from you....


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sean kingston Live in Glorietta!

Another day has just begun.

Last night was kinda boring.
George was not around because he was busy at work and my sister Ane went out of town.
Since I have nothing to do at home, I decided to go to the mall and watch the Sean Kingston Concert live in Glorietta activity center.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

GMA promoting the Manila Ocean Park

Mabuhay! Welcome to Manila Ocean Park – the Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water marine habitat, boutique mall, restaurant row and function facilities all located in one complex at the back of the Quirino Grandstand.

I got these pictures when my sister Ane, George and I went to see the Ocean Park. All fishes are real. All of you guys out there, families bring your kids coz they will surely love the Ocean park!!!


What is a Subchorionic Hemorrhage?

Subchorionic Hemorrhage is bleeding behind the placenta, often caused by a clot. In most cases, this clot will dissolve away, resolving the problem and allowing the pregnancy to progress normally. It may take several weeks for this clot to dissolve. Treatment for a Subchorionic hemorrhage is typically bed rest.

Rarely, the clot dissects between the placenta and the attachment to mother. This may lead to placental abruption. Risk factors that may increase the chance of experiencing this include high blood pressure, smoking and cocaine use. Symptoms may include:

- contractions that don't stop
- pain in the uterus
- tenderness in the abdomen over the uterus
- vaginal bleeding

If you experience these symptoms, you should contact your physician immediately. Treatment of placental abruption will vary according to your particular state. If the separation of the placenta is small, the baby isn't in distress, and your condition is stable, you may be able to go home and continue the pregnancy with frequent checkups. If the separation is moderate to severe but the baby is not in distress and your condition is stable, the doctor may induce labor and perform a vaginal delivery. If the baby is in distress or if you are losing a lot of blood, the doctor will most likely deliver the baby immediately by cesarean section.



Are you fond of chatting?
Joining clans on line?
or maybe fond of browsing sites where you can hooked up with someone on your lonely nights?!

Are this people you chat are real ladies/girls or one of those from the 3rd sex?
Or they are just pretending to be someone else and when you get the chance to meet them, suck!!! They are just using someone else's picture!!!

Better yet hooked up with someone you meet personally or someone you saw in flesh! At least, right on the spot you can say NO right away!

I had this funny experience last night with my Italian friend.
He was tired from work and wants to have dinner with me.
I asked him to pick me up and we can decide where to have dinner.
We walked like more than 30 minutes before we can figure out where to go.
And finally, we decided to go to Greenbelt and ate at Shakey's Pizza.
Dinner was great and the usual,we have this conversation that makes us laugh.

So, dinner was over! He decided to withdraw some cash on the ATM slot inside greenbelt 3. On our way to the mall, there was 3 ladies standing and one suddenly grabbed his arms and said " Hi Baby! Where are you going? " wow!
That was one hell of an aggressive Pinay I saw ( I was walking behind my friend so, they didn't know I was with the guy.) All I know, hookers from Thailand are the most aggressive but I didn't know you can find it here too! What a stiff competition maybe. So, anyway, maybe my friend told her that he is with someone because they look at me and smile! Oh, baby! Sorry he is not available tonight! lol!

We walked again and another lady approached him!
This one is funny!!! She followed my friend and tried her best to hooked up with him but my friend told him. I'm already with someone!!!
Hell yeah!!! I was at back laughing my ass off because the lady has no teeth. lol

What a night!!! We reached the ATM machine and we started talking and laughing about it!!!

I have nothing against this people.
It is their way of life!!!
But sometimes we can't stop thinking and asking ourselves,
" How many men they sleep with in one night?"
I can't imagine a 60 year old white guy with a minor on bed!!!
Sounds gross but life is complicated!!! So, Let it be!!!