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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My New Hair :-)

Image from
Thanks to this beautiful Hollywood actress (Jessica Alba)....hehehehe
I got my new hair cut from her :-)


Monday, January 24, 2011

New Arrival of Women's Signature Shades!

Stave Maden



Interested buyers just leave me a message.
More design and other signature brands available!


Goals at Symptoms of Mesothelioma!

I was quite unaware that asbestos could be dangerous to our health. However, I was pretty anxious when I found out that a good number of health – disorder cases was attributed due to asbestos exposure.

Did you know that asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that can be found in hundreds of countries worldwide? Most cases of asbestos exposure may dramatically increase since this substance is normally used in the industries of manufacturing, commerce, military, automotive, railroad and chemical processing.

Inhaled airborne fibers remain in our body and it cannot be expelled. The fibers can easily penetrate our body tissues and may deposit themselves in airways and in the lung tissue.
Once the fibers are lodged in the body, they will cause inflammation which may eventually result in the formation of cancerous tumors, particularly on the Mesothelium or the lining of the lungs. The more we are exposed to asbestos, the more likely we can develop an asbestos-related disease. On the other hand, people exposed to asbestos on a very casual basis have least chances of getting this disease.

It is then important to know that Cancer Mesothelioma is considered to be malignant. The only recognized symptoms of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos and patients usually have a life expectancy of only 4 months. Thus, if your loved ones or family friends have developed Mesothelioma, they have the right to be compensated because this kind of desease is cannot be cured. The only help they can get is for the Mesothelioma Lawyer to fight for their financial compensation to which they are entitled to receive.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Men's Wear at Ecollection!

Men are very particular with their suits when they attend a party or any gathering that requires a formal attire like coat & tie and tuxedo. Good thing their is an online retailer of men's suit that values their clients by giving them a high quality of men suits.

Men's wear ecollection only offers the best men's suit designers in order to offer their clients only the top of the line suits. Men's wear ecollection are very proud of their variety of styles and wide selection of dress suits, vested suits, double breasted suits and wool suits.

At men's wear ecollection, they offer only the finest clothing for men with high quality and affordable prices. All of this business apparel are sold at wholesale price. At men's wear ecollection, it is their pleasure to give their clients the chance to experience and opportunity to invest at their superior appearance.


ASha and Champ :-)

Meet Asha and Champ.
We are really hoping thta Asha will be pregnant this time :-)
By the way, Champ came from China :-)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pet Pharmacy Online At Affordable Prices!

Our pet Gibo is sick and my sister & I are so worried about his mites. We have been taking him to the veterinary for his treatment but looks like he is not get well. I have no choice but to have him groom first before his treatment. His hair was shaved off and we have him given a shot for mites.

Gibo is now totally bald and he looks awful for a chow chow pet. I wonder where we can get an affordable medicines for him but rest assured that he will be cured. We have been paying too much for his medication but the mites are keep coming back.

Since my sister is busy with work and I have my own business to attend to, good thing a friend recommend petz town. It is a website where we can order pet medicines and supplies at affordable prices. Before I purchase something for Gibo, I need to read some PetCareRx Reviews first.


Asha and Annie :-)

I hope she gets pregnant this time :D
NOT my sister but our lil girl Asha :-)


Virtual Try-On Frames From Zenni Optical!

New year, new life and new website! Did you know that Zenni Optical has redesigned their website? Well ofcourse with a new website, they have a new feature which is the Try On Frames. This feature is called frame fit. Another good news from Zenni optical is that their prices came down to $6.95.

If you need a new prescription eyes glasses, visit Zenni optical now. They offer single vision, bifocal and progressive prescription eyes glasses. They also have a wide variety of designs to choose from to fit your style and the shape of your face. Get a free microfiber cleaning cloth, a free protective case and all of this glasses has free full UV protection and anti scratch coating.

What are you waiting for? Try their virtual try-on frames now and let your eyes see the real beauty of the world we live in.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year and New LIFE :-)

Last year was not so great but not that really bad!

A lot of things happen!

First, losing 2 of the family member.
One died because of High blood pressure
and the other one died of murder.

My sister announced their disengagement..tsk tsk tsk
My other sister opened their business inside the mall.

Too bad my moms furniture business is not really doing well!
One of her manpower runaway with a big amount!
So, she need to start all over again.

More conflicts with my family :-(

You know what, sometimes things don't come our way.
We cannot expect all the things to be done correctly/right!
I am not perfect and so are you!
but atleast i admit it to myself that i have made wrong decisions in my life.
I am sorry ....

Right now, all i want to do is fix my life.
New year and new life :-)
I will just blog to earn a lil and
Look a for job to help my family.

at bayaran lahat ng utang....hehehehe


Timeless Sundials For Your Garden!

I don't know if all of you are familiar with the picture below. On first glance, it looks like a wall clock. I was a bit amazed with the antique design. It is very unique and personally speaking it is an eye catcher thing. I have never seen a thing like this in my entire life. So, out of curiosity I made some research about this clock and I have found out that this clock is called sundial.

I have learned that Sundial is a device that measures time by the position of the Sun. The most common design is the horizontal sundial. Did you know that the sun casts a shadow from its style which is the thin rod or a sharp and straight edge onto a flat surface and it will marked with lines that indicates the hours of the day.

No wonder this item is timeless and really beautiful. Aside from its uniqueness, sundials are perfect attraction in your garden. Anyway, if you want to add a unique art in your garden, visit 1001 shops and check out their collection of Pedestal bases for sundials.

Someday, I would like to have one of this gothic sundial for my garden.


Long Gown :-)

Did you know that last year, I have been eyeing on this beautiful gown?
Too bad I'm too short for this long gown!
If you like this gown- just leave me a message.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Sparkling Wine at Telegraph Wines!

Christmas and New year was over but rest assured parties will never end. We still have valentines day, birthday, baptismal and even wedding. Celebration like this will not be complete without a sparkling wine to share with our love ones.

If you are a wine lover, visit Telegraph wines. They are offering a wide selection of your favorites wines. They have champagne, sparkling and even grape wines. You can also order by cases if you will celebrate big events like birthdays and weddings. By the way, the good thing about purchasing a sparkling wines with telegraph wines is that they will deliver it in your house.

What are you waiting for? Visit them now and experience a sparkling life with telegraph wines!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Watches and Shades From Kreativ Boutique!

Check this out!
Fond of collecting bags, sun glasses and watches?
The store is selling original signature clutch bags like fossils, nine west,
guess, gucci, coach and a lot more!
Watches- Paris HIlton, Fossil, Nine west, DKNY
Shades- Fossil , Guess, D&G, Steve Maden, Relativity


Ladies of Kreativ Boutique :-)

This picture was taken last year.
My sister ann, Ruz, Me, my friend memei, sister xeria and honey Lyn :-)
This is just one of the memories I will never forget!
Spending time with my sisters!


Friday, January 7, 2011


Since this is my first post for this year,
I would like to start this with a prayer given to me by someone :-)