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Monday, August 4, 2008

Actor Morgan Freeman is Injured in Car Accident!!!

Have you watch the movie The Bucket List? the latest movie WANTED and The Dark Knight ?
or how about the MILLION DOLLAR BABY where he won the Oscar award for his role. Actor Morgan Freeman is in a hospital right now after a card accident near his home in Memphis, Tenn.

According to the news that I have read- there was no sign of alcohol or drugs. Actor and the passenger ( Demaris Meyer ) is wearing the seat belt when the car left a rural highway and flipped several times shortly before midnight Sunday.

The actor is seriously injured of the car accident and the woman's condition is not available.

The funny part was--- a bystander was trying to take pictures of the actor using his cell phone camera, Freeman Joked " NO FREEBIES, NO FREEBIES "

Grrrrrrrrrrrr....can't upload pics due to internal error... anyway, Get Well Soon Mr. Freeman!!!


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