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Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm a very outgoing person- I love to travel cities and visit their festival. So far, the most beautiful I have seen was the Panabenga Festival in Baguio City.

After I finished my degree, I went to Luzon to work as a Radio Jockey. I just usually come down to gensan to visit my family during Christmas and never had a chance to see whats with the tuna festival. And finally, I'm so glad that I'm here in gensan..yehey!!! I can witness the activities.
sad to say- I was not able to see the parade because of the rain. We went to the plaza to check out the market...grrrrrrr..too bad!!! few stalls and less people..
it must be due to the recent incident in north part of Mindanao-
MILF attacked and pretty sure scares the people.
Hay naku, when kaya ko kita og tuna nga dako :((

It's me!!! grrr :D I miss the old days, when I can drink a bucket of beer :))

It's my family-Xeria faye, Yuri, Pipoy , Nanay and Tatay :-)

Wacky Pose from my Family :-)

Me and My sister rose- Heading to the mall to see the movie For The 1st Time :))

Take a closer look :-) gwapaha jud oist...walay mokontra ..lolz



Borneo Falcon said...

This remind me I have yet to try/taste Philippines beer yet

djtammy said...

u gottah try...its very light :)) My Malaysian friends love the San Miguel Light :D

I have tried the Malaysian beer :D