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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Are you fond of chatting?
Joining clans on line?
or maybe fond of browsing sites where you can hooked up with someone on your lonely nights?!

Are this people you chat are real ladies/girls or one of those from the 3rd sex?
Or they are just pretending to be someone else and when you get the chance to meet them, suck!!! They are just using someone else's picture!!!

Better yet hooked up with someone you meet personally or someone you saw in flesh! At least, right on the spot you can say NO right away!

I had this funny experience last night with my Italian friend.
He was tired from work and wants to have dinner with me.
I asked him to pick me up and we can decide where to have dinner.
We walked like more than 30 minutes before we can figure out where to go.
And finally, we decided to go to Greenbelt and ate at Shakey's Pizza.
Dinner was great and the usual,we have this conversation that makes us laugh.

So, dinner was over! He decided to withdraw some cash on the ATM slot inside greenbelt 3. On our way to the mall, there was 3 ladies standing and one suddenly grabbed his arms and said " Hi Baby! Where are you going? " wow!
That was one hell of an aggressive Pinay I saw ( I was walking behind my friend so, they didn't know I was with the guy.) All I know, hookers from Thailand are the most aggressive but I didn't know you can find it here too! What a stiff competition maybe. So, anyway, maybe my friend told her that he is with someone because they look at me and smile! Oh, baby! Sorry he is not available tonight! lol!

We walked again and another lady approached him!
This one is funny!!! She followed my friend and tried her best to hooked up with him but my friend told him. I'm already with someone!!!
Hell yeah!!! I was at back laughing my ass off because the lady has no teeth. lol

What a night!!! We reached the ATM machine and we started talking and laughing about it!!!

I have nothing against this people.
It is their way of life!!!
But sometimes we can't stop thinking and asking ourselves,
" How many men they sleep with in one night?"
I can't imagine a 60 year old white guy with a minor on bed!!!
Sounds gross but life is complicated!!! So, Let it be!!!


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