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Friday, April 25, 2008


Hey single ladies outhere, don't hate me with this blog.
As you read this LOVE and LIFE issue you will see blissful faces,
read stories about romance and couples galore. Oh Yes, these couples are true to life and their rapport transcends beyond the picture you see on this page.

They are in love---- but don't kill them for it... Lets just say that they are list of those who found the connection in college, Internet, school, or co-workers. I didn't , I was searching for a long time. In the meantime, I went through crying sessions and many doubts, including doubts about myself in a serious, committed relationship. But when I did find my man almost seven months ago, I focused on changing all that and we started working together towards a "cool" relationship. My definition of "cool" in the context would be being part of pair but keeping a part of me always intact. It's easy to get lost in the whole feeling of love, like MU or whatever. Basically it's still being able to enjoy your self singly, in order to be happy doubly.

First, Really feel good about yourself. Stay healthy and really fit. I would include exercising the right attitude as part of the recipe towards being healthy. A lot times, it isn't enough to just exercise your body and mind, right? Your will is a very powerful thing.

Second, Learn to say NO---very gently. When in a relationship, always trying to please the one you love isn't always the answer. If what he wants conflicts with that you believe in, then make sure you explain your side calmly. A big percentage of friction of daily life is cause by the wrong tone of voice.

Lastly, It's OK to have SECRETS. As long as it doesn't interfere with the integrity of your relationship, it's ok. He doesn't have to read all your messages or emails. If trust matters to both of you, respect each other's space.

These three worked for me!!! So, if you are single ...have fun!!! Go out on a date and enjoy life. To the couples I have featured on this blog... I'm so happy for you!!!


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