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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Party Has just started :))

Me, Borgs, Rosilie and Ate Ging

Me and Sir Avel

Proud Bloggers

It's me and my sister Rosilie :-)

Eating and drinking time na :))

Borgs, Me, Ayel, Sir Avel, Ate Cheng & husband, Kuya Jonel and ???

Mga Gandang blogger :))

Banat jud kanta sir avel :))

Asa ba jud ang camera man???

I had so much fun last night coz it was the Soccsksargen bloggers x'mas party. Although, I only blog to relieved my stress and not for money, I was invited by my sister who is a certified blogger :))
I met few of the bloggers but I only remember their names :)) and not their sites :)) sowee :)) To name few; AYEL, BORGS, ATE CHENG and Husband, Sir Avel and Ate Ging. We had dinner and few drinks, kantahan to the max :)) and exchange gifts. The guy I 1st met was Borgs ( dnt knw f i got his name ryt) funny coz i got his gift and he got my gift :)) salamat diay hah! love ko gift mo...Si Mama Mary and Child..ganahan ko :-)

See you next time bloggers :-)



Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like a nice party

Anonymous said...

Makainggit hay... Sana nakapunta ako...huhuhu...


Borgeee (O_o) said...

txt me nlng 09214673489..paila ha kung mag txt ka..hehe...

Twerlyn said...

Tam,ganda mo..dalagang dalaga ang kaau.

Happy New year!