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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me and My Family :-)

Me and my cousin.
This was taken during the first night of Munato festival in Alabel, Sarangani Province.
We decided to check out the place and luckily there was a live band playing acoustic music.
Me and my sister Xeria.

Did you know that I have been on this page for more than 30 minutes now?! I just don't know why I suddenly can't write! Maybe I was afraid that my life has become so transparent because of too much writing...lolz

Looks like I don't have to talk to someone anymore to let them know about my feelings and instead they visit my blog and check out the latest agenda that I have been doing.

Anyway, I will be at the Munato Festival for the entire week so, if you can't see me often here come back next time! hehehehe



Lindz said...

hey pretty,. you look lovely and yur sis and cuz too... have fun at the festival

Bill said...

Wasssup BFF. It has been a couple days since i have been here. Your looking as sexy as ever WOW. It looks like you had fun here. Party on girl LOL. :-)

djtammy said...

LIndz, hi was the best festival ever..lolz

Bill, lolz...yeah party party party!