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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Advertising Store/Paying Post Is A Scam!

I bet you know how it feels to be scammed!
I am so pissed because I wasted my time and effort writing for them and when it comes to payout, they actually ignore you. I have send two emails to follow up my payment but seems like they are so busy wasting other people's time.

If you wanted someone to write for you would be nicer if you just say
LOLZ, I waited for November 1 for you to pay me the $122!
Shame on you...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I am so pissed!
Blog Advertising Store/Paying Post



nancy said...

i haven't reached the threshold yet... i knew one who also said the same... she got paid though yun nga lang it took her several explosions bago sya nabayaran.

Joops said...

I feel so aggravated for cheaters and scammers like them.. My wife and I have a due amount from them Since August ($105) for me and ($130) for my wife. the worst part is that they still put out opportunities so bloggers that do not meet the treshold yet still write for them. We should make a campaign against them!

Sherry said...

wow.. you wrote so much already so far me only $5 and no post for me to write. I read other blogger say they get paid. I found out from rosa's post.. not sure which blog her post got mentioin about paying post. I mean commentators left comment her blog they get paid.

Bill said...

I have herd the same thing about that company Tammy. That is why i have never thought about writing for them. I think that should be closed down because people are trying to make a living in this hard economy and they are just wasting their time with that company. Just not right.

CeL said...

late ko na yata nabasa yung mga bad reviews about payingpost aka blogadvertisingstore! i have a $102 payment sana from them due last dec.1 kaso 2x na ako nag-message(wala kasi email add nakalagay sa contact us nila) wala pa rin reply. kaya nag-search na ako kung scam ito o hindi. hay naku nakakainis! isa pang pang-deadma nila sa akin magsusulat na ako na scam nga ito!

KUMAGCOW said...

Hay parepareho tayong naloko... 102.50 dollars din un ah hindi biro yun... nakakainis! =(

Menteen said...

I can attest that is a scam. I just joined this site last february 2010. I was able to reach my earnings of more than their established threshold limit of $100. I got $133. So, on March 1, 2010, I am expecting payment from them but to no avail, nothing!

I sent them emails already but they are not replying! They have their CONTACT US page but they don't have their email displayed.

I checked my email archives every time they notify if my post are approved. The email is this is very cheesy!

It is indeed a scam! Stay away with it!

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