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Monday, July 12, 2010

Sesame Street Costume Party for My Birthday!

Are you familiar with Oscar, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert and Elmo ?Is there anyone who doesn't like them? I bet no one! I really love them most especially Elmo. I can still remember when I was still a kid. My sister Rosilie and I love to watch them on television. Do you know the TV show?Yes, it's the Sesame Street!

If you are a Sesame Street fanatic like me and if you are thinking of a cool birthday party for yourself or even with your kids. Check out this cool site I have found. It's all Sesame Street Costumes . Isn't it exciting to have a Sesame Street theme on your birthday? I will be celebrating my birthday on the 18'th of July and I am hoping my loving Bill will send me a surprise gift so I can celebrate my birthday the way I wanted it to be.

I can't wait to wear this Elmo's headband with the Elmo costume. The invitation will be Sesame Street theme also. Most likely, I want my visitors on their Sesame street costumes. That will surely a big birthday blast for me. What are you waiting for? Visit their site now and start planning a Sesame street costume party for yourself and your kids.


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Sherry said...

sis tammy want to invite you take part in

pls mention referral by sherry in your post if you are taking part :D