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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year and New LIFE :-)

Last year was not so great but not that really bad!

A lot of things happen!

First, losing 2 of the family member.
One died because of High blood pressure
and the other one died of murder.

My sister announced their disengagement..tsk tsk tsk
My other sister opened their business inside the mall.

Too bad my moms furniture business is not really doing well!
One of her manpower runaway with a big amount!
So, she need to start all over again.

More conflicts with my family :-(

You know what, sometimes things don't come our way.
We cannot expect all the things to be done correctly/right!
I am not perfect and so are you!
but atleast i admit it to myself that i have made wrong decisions in my life.
I am sorry ....

Right now, all i want to do is fix my life.
New year and new life :-)
I will just blog to earn a lil and
Look a for job to help my family.

at bayaran lahat ng utang....hehehehe


1 comment:

admin said...

hi Tammy,
i'm so sorry to read your article..

too many bad things happens to your life.
but you have to be strong..God will always with you.

my pray to you...