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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Timeless Sundials For Your Garden!

I don't know if all of you are familiar with the picture below. On first glance, it looks like a wall clock. I was a bit amazed with the antique design. It is very unique and personally speaking it is an eye catcher thing. I have never seen a thing like this in my entire life. So, out of curiosity I made some research about this clock and I have found out that this clock is called sundial.

I have learned that Sundial is a device that measures time by the position of the Sun. The most common design is the horizontal sundial. Did you know that the sun casts a shadow from its style which is the thin rod or a sharp and straight edge onto a flat surface and it will marked with lines that indicates the hours of the day.

No wonder this item is timeless and really beautiful. Aside from its uniqueness, sundials are perfect attraction in your garden. Anyway, if you want to add a unique art in your garden, visit 1001 shops and check out their collection of Pedestal bases for sundials.

Someday, I would like to have one of this gothic sundial for my garden.


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