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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fast and Effective Email Marketing!

Managing a small business like our boutique inside the mall needs a different strategies in marketing. Aside from the fact that we are advertising in a business magazine, we also market our boutique through word of mouth with our close friend.

But since we also sell our products online, we are willing to try the email marketing. They say it is fast and effective. According to my friend who introduce me with easy contact, it will boost revenue right away after sending bulks mails to our friends online at Internet speed. The initial campaign will response generally occurs within 48 hours after launching.

EasyContact is an email direct marketing that allows us easily to create, send and manage email campaigns. All of of their solutions are designed to meet our specific email marketing needs including creative design, contact list management, scheduling, performance tracking and more.

They have plans starting as low as $9 a month with the maximum of 250 email addresses. They also offers unmatched value and flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Start checking out which plan is perfectly suits your needs.


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