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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dito Lang sa Pinas :))

Good Morning :-)

I was a bit surprised why Pipoy and Yuri are not preparing to school today and I found out it's holiday again. I did not ask what kind of holiday it is but isn't it funny???
Americans only celebrated 2 big holidays which are the Independence Day and the Thanks Giving Day while for us Pinoy - almost every month we are celebrating different kind of holidays- Mothers Day, Fathers Day, All Souls Day, All saints Day, New years Day, Christmas day, Labor Day and even Muslim day :)) kidding aside but why is our government loves holiday??? Was it because NO WORK with PAY :)) for students- NO Classes and they can hang around. But do they really knew the value of the holiday??? I bet not :))

Whew!!! Only here in the Philippines :)) kakaiba talaga tayo. Teka muna, ano na naman ba meron ngayon December 1?


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