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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look Who's In Town???

With my 4 days trip to Manila, I didn't missed to visit my favorite doughnuts-
KRISPY KREMES hehehe :-)
Look Who's In Town?

Snowman is the newest and coolest design they have.
Diba ang cute niya??
December is fast approaching and before you knew its already Christmas.
So, tamang-tama si snowman for this season.

and meet my own personal favorite :D ORIGINAL GLAZE.
I can remember, my sister and I can finished a dozen of this original glaze in less than 2 hours.
hahaha :-) ang sarap kasi and even its expensive its really worth.
Very tasty and the glaze melts in your mouth... yummy talaga!!!

Here is another flavor that they have the cookies and creme.

Find this one cute also- si santa claus.
by the way, they have a lot of flavors to choose from and rest assured lahat masarap.
Too bad, we don't have Krespy Kremes here in GenSan.


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