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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wish List :-)

December is fast approaching and before we knew it's already Christmas.

We all knew that during Christmas it's time for gift giving, fun shopping and fine dining.
But I think this will be the first Christmas that I will just sit my ass in the chair and do nothing :))
I remember last last year I was in Kuala Lumpur spending my holiday and last year I was with the love of my life ( ??? ) hehehehe but this year??? hmmp, I think I will just sleep :))

I have been a real bad bad bad girl this year so, i don't think i deserved something :D
But let me say sorry to the people I have hurt :-) SORRY PO...
and I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who never turned their back on me! hugs and kisses to you all >:D< :-* Anyway, since it's Christmas I still want to have my own wish list :D It's Pipoy's birthday on the 4th of December- Wish to give him a b-day party.Kids love it!!! cake, toys and balloons. :-( My 2nd Digi cam is in the good hands of my dear Pawnshop :(( Wish I can get it :(( :-( same thing with the apple ipod my sister gave me :(( still wish to get it :-( The recent incident (robbery) in our very own store-took my hand bag with all my valuable stuffs like Cellphone, money, ids- wah!!! ang malas ko diba :(( wish I can have my own phone. Im just using my sisters phone. I went to the mall yesterday with nanay and I saw this shoes at celine :)) super duper cutie kaso super duper expensive :)) I wish to get all my family members a Christmas gift :-( this is the 1st christmas that i didn't prepare anything for them. Too bad- I don't have a job unlike before!!! Out of town trip........................ Out of town trip........................ Out of town trip........................ out of town trip......................... hahahaha. After all the miseries I have experienced I think I deserve a break :-) This are the things i want for Christmas :-) It's just things so it's ok if i cant have it :-) hmmp, how about you? what do you want for Christmas???


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