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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gold Coin Collector!

Are you a gold collector? Actually, I am not a gold collector but a coin collector. Every time I travel to a different country, I make sure I have a souvenir of their coin. I was thinking of adding a gold coin to my collection. It will be a good investment for sure . But I wonder where can I get gold coins to be added in my collection.

I was checking the history of gold and based on what I have read gold is the world’s most liquid investment trading all throughout the world. The gold market will never close and you can buy and sell gold in any country anytime you like. Sounds like a good business to me.

I have done some research about gold bullion and I have found one sample. The American Buffalo! I have read that America now has the first 24-Karat solid gold bullion coin from the United States Mint. This gold bullion is expensive but worth collecting. Check out Australian Gold Nugget! It is one of the most popular coins created by the Perth Mint in Western Australia. Imagine, new designs are used each year and these gold bullion coins are minted in 8 different denominations.


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Thanks for the information, we will add this story to our blog, as we have a audience in the gold sectors that loves reading like this"