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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Care Tips:Adjusting to Parenthood

Life is different when you are a mother. There are a lot of things to consider about your new born/infant and about us. As a mom of 5 months old baby boy, let me share with you some helpful tips about baby care. I hope this can help expectant moms and new moms. Let me hear from you. You can leave a comment.

Lets start with the Baby and Parent: It's bonding for life

A close attachment between you and your baby begins at birth (and to some extent in utero) and continues to grow over time. To ensure an early attachment with your baby, you should do the ff:
HOLD YOUR BABY. The best way to begin the bonding process is to hold your baby as much and as long as you like- no matter what relatives and friends might say about spoiling him. You cant spoil your baby in the first year of life.

LOOK AT YOUR BABY. Make eye contact with your new-born and watch his eyes meet yours. He may be attracted to your hairline at first (because of the contrast), but soon he’ll be gazing lovingly into your eyes. Bat your eyes and move them around to help him focus attention there.

NURSE YOUR BABY. Breastfeed your baby,if possible ,or hold him every time you formula-feed him. This will enhance the feelings of attachment between you. Never prop a bottle to feed your baby. This will not only impair his attachment and overall development, he may choke on the milk as it pours down his throat.

TOUCH YOUR BABY. Your baby responds to your touch. Int fact, he thrives on it. Massage him, stroke hi, caress him, and handle him throughout the day. Your touch helps him grow in every way.
WEAR YOUR BABY. Carry your baby around in a front pack or sling. Your arms will be free to do things while your baby is rocked and comforted next to your body. It’s an easy and convenient way to keep your baby close to your heart.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR BABY. Enjoy your baby by chatting, singing, rocking, and sharing special moments with him each day. The time really does pass quickly, so enjoy it while it lasts.


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