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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Palm Reading

I was watching THE OMEN at the store when an old lady came into our store. She was selling a lot of stuffs that I don't actually recognized.But when I tried peaking to what she's holding, it looks like a ginger but it's not! A plastic bracelet with different colors and a bracelet out of round plastic beads. Right from there, I knew she was selling stuffs for good luck and to cast away bad spirits. Pretty sure pinoy knew about this!!!

and then

She started the conversation by selling it to me but I said no. Then she offers a palm reading for free. But ofcors DONATION for the service.

I'm not actually a fanatic of this kind of beliefs but I have nothing to lose if I try. When she started reading my palm, I was surprised, every word coming out from her mouth is real. From money to love life, she was actually right about everything.

She told me something- that my palm has a diamond lines. Everything will happen over and over again which makes me afraid. I'm afraid of losing the one who is very important to my life now :-( So, I ask her to pray for me and she made a lil ritual on my palm using a needle. Sigh! Hope things will be just fine. I hate losing someone that I love so much.


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