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Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog Advertising Rocks

I started blogging to relieved my stress and to keep myself busy while I'm on my maternity leave. And originally, I just want my blog to be just my daily journal. A place where I can say anything I want to say, share my thoughts about my pregnancy, my passion for cooking, my travels, beaches , the fine dining I have experienced and advertising an international DJ.

It was very recent when I finally decided to make my blog a paid one and I am so blessed I was introduced to advertising and blogs. I usually promote my partner, a DJ through social websites but we can reach wider readers if I advertise through blog. So, whenever he has a gig or anything, I blog about it.

Now, that I am into paid reviews, I am more than happy to write since I can monetize my posts and check great websites that need reviews. When PayingPost approved my blog, I was just too excited to blog more with it.

My DJ partner got more exposure and when I started blogging about his stints. So, this proves that online advertising is effective and cost-friendly. I have seen other enterprises who go online to sell their products and services. And, normally feedback from other people helps make the sales. This makes advertisement through first-hand experience more effective.

We sell our very own store through online too and usually, our buyers are from different places. With trust on our products and the recommendations of our other satisfied clients, our potential customers do actually business with us. We don’t want to betray that trust by false advertisement. Thus, we are pretty conscious with what we write.

The need to choose the right advertising medium is also critical. One can consider the cost and the breadth that this advertising site can reach. I can only say that online advertisement is now the trend and considered effective in supporting brick or physical stores or otherwise. Truly, technology has brought wonders to me as an amateur blogger and a young entrepreneur.


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