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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Dresses

Hi there lovers and couples that are planning to tie knot soon. Got something for you ladies. If you haven't decide what to wear on your very special day, take a look on the pictures below of wedding/bridal gowns. You can add this on your design list.

They look very simple but yet so elegant :-)



Twerlyn said...

aw, i thought ikaw na kaslon TAm.

thank u d-i sa "get well" greetings

Shimumsy said...

i think i like the first one. are you?...soon? the future?

Anonymous said...

@ Twerlyn---hahaha. Murag nahuman na man ko anang I DO stage lyn :)) Dili na ko mag usab... :)) Nag kita baya mi ni lainy kagabi sa bloggers nyt.

@ Shimumsy- I'm not ate :)) i dont know-pero like lang jud naku ang wedding dresses. Pag nasira ulo ko-cge papaSAKAL ako.hehehe