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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Praying For The Thailand Trip

I had a short conversation with my partner this morning :-) We talked a lot of things, family, work, friends and even the family of his friend. See??? We talk anything under the sun.

He was a bit tired because they had a visitor from Japan for a plant visit. As expected- SUSHI :)) yum yum yum :))

We had a lil chat about the Thailand trip which is originally plan to be on the 1st week of February. According to him, he doesn't want to push it too hard :)) but the truth is- he wants this trip so much. He asked me to pray for it. I am really hoping that this trip will push thru :)) we both need a break :)) We already plan to see this temple and Hollywood Bar :))

Whew! If this trip will push thru, this will be my 2nd trip outside the Philippines. 1st was in Kuala Lumpur, I spend my New Year ALONE :)) but I had so much fun trying their dishes. The twin tower is beautiful. A must-see country.



Shemah said...

good luck!! Hope you get your much needed vacay! ;)

djtammy said...

Thanks. Hope it will push thru :))

Twerlyn said...

hello Tam..sori lagi now lang sad ko ka visit dinhi kay akong time so limited jud..u know full time mom =)...kinsa ni nga partner Tam katong naa sa friendster mo?na curious ko da..hehe

About sa pagiging american ni arianna, sa cebu consulate lang man gud ni nag apply, then Manila ang wala nila makita c baby in person..instead of DNA, mag personal apearance nalang mi sa Manila EMbassy if needed. Kay ang DNA pra lang man sa mga baby na color brown although kano ang daddy..unya white man colora ani ni baby, blond pa jud ang hair..hehe! Mahal kaau ang DNA oi half a milyon ata ang price sa dungog nako saunang panahon, basin milyon na ron. ug wala man sad nagsulti ang babae na ipa DNA!hehe! kabalo mi about requirements pero wa man gi ask gud sa US consul sa Cebu, dala ko man unta ang mga supporting documents.