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Sunday, January 18, 2009

El Ultimo Critico

This was a long and overdue post. I was supposed to post this after the night we visited the Generals Brew.

Two weeks ago, an old friend of mine gave us a surprised visit at the store. Since it has been how many years from the last time we saw each other. She invited me over a cup of coffee. She decided to go to a place where it's not crowded. So coffee dream-ERASED :)) Her gay friend blurred out this name Generals Brew- He said, it's new. So, we decided to visit this recent coffee place. I don't know how recent the place was :)) !!! I don't even recognized the name.

Anyway, we went inside the coffee shop. I heard her gay friend trying to give a critic on the place- from the tiles and the entire interior :))- Sorry but I think it failed to please her (his) eyes :))

We ordered- customer service is way too slow :))
We chatted a little- crew is keep on changing the lights. From dimmed lights to fully lighted then put some lights off... What was he thinking? Maybe cost cutting that is why he put off some light. Or maybe he was thinking it will be more sweet to make it darker :)) What the heck :P
Worst- I hate it- a lot of mosquitoes are flying when he puts off the light.

Sigh!!! I'm not gonna go there again :)) I miss starbucks :((


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