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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free Web Directory For My Online Business!

With my educational background, I can say that I am an Internet fanatic. Well just a bit of information, I took up Bachelor of Science in Education and my second degree was computer science. Funny because even my partner would call me an Internet princess! On the other hand, I really don't know the importance of being online every day. Well, aside from the fact that I get the chance to talk to my friends and family around the globe.

It was only later that I realized its great help to me, most especially when I started blogging. I started from scratch so, I have to do some research on my own and I was able to land on different free web directory. I was surprised to see tons of free web directories for Internet user like me.

Now that I am into online business and I will be dealing online clients mostly. My time has become more flexible and I will be using my Internet connection for marketing research. I have to check on business web directory for my marketing strategy.

The time I started using an internet, I have been using the famous search engine which is the DMOZ and Yahoo directory . They were both useful to me. It makes my research easier because it is a user friendly search engine. The web directories in and BOTW helps me a lot with my online business.

These are all free directories for my online business but ofcourse we still need to check the best website and validate its data. We cannot just stick to one data site and use it without validating its accuracy right? Good thing, all related sites are grouped under the same categories.


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