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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanay!

It was my nanay's birthday yesterday.
We didn't go out to celebrate but the family had a dinner together.
Nay, happy birthday sa imo. Ikaw ang the best nanay sa kalibotan!



Sherry said...

nanay is grandma right?

Sherry said...

my grandma lives in old folks home as her children busy working. my mom in another home coz she is not well.

Sherry said...

before my grandma ill I told my parents why not grandma children share money hire nurse to care her. they keep saying the children will not. sad see one of them sold grandma house that why she living there now and also grandma stubborn not want eat medicine

djtammy said...

hahahaha.thanks for dropping by the philippines >> Nanay is originally for mother
( my mother)but there are pinoys and pinoys call their grandma as nanay...

we dont have home care for old people here..we take care of our grandmas...