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Monday, October 12, 2009


I am so pissed! Earlier we had a meeting with the new organizer of Robinsons Mall Gensan. It was said and done! All of the sudden, there are 3 exhibitors who approached me to convince the organizer to adjust the rate of the rent. Well, if everything is fair why not. I said yes!

The 3 of them were discussing and they invited me in. They were thinking if we can talk to our old organizer (ANE ) to extend the exhibit until October 16 so it will not be hassle if we start a new exhibit with the new exhibitor on October 17. Atleast we don't need to pull out and then set up again.

The 3 ladies asked Grace and I to talk to Cass (leasing department) since I knew her personally because she is a valued customer in our furniture’s. So, we were inside her office. I asked what was the reason behind why we need to pull out tomorrow evening. She told us that we need to clear the area on the 14 but we can go back on the 15 (evening) to set up. It was her suggestion BUT not with the old organizer---with the new organizer. So, Grace said we will just ask Melissa if we can set up on the 15 so we can be part of the sale day on the 16, 17 and 18.

Grace asked how much the rent was if we were to rent the area. She also asked if we can also submit proposal for exhibit. Well, since I was there I second the motion! LOLZ!!! BUT I didn't ask directly...lolz!!!

All of the sudden I received a text message from VANNESA OF CHIC ADS ( new Organizer) from Davao City telling me exactly this: Gudpm. Van ito chic ads..ung upc0min orgnzr jan s robins0ns. I heard u inquird s admin to apply 4an xhbt. Ok,you may do so..we wil n0t gve u muna slot kung ganun. Bgay n lng namin yang pwesto mo s iba cguro

Believe me...this is the text msg I received from VANNESA of CHIC ADS. Same Font, letters, words and even the dot dot she used!!!! LOLZ! I was so pissed of what I have heard! So I replied:

1. grace n i ask 4 xtnsion kay cas said kay melissa na.
2. It was grace who ask bt i thnk she was juz joking. Simple as that! Then Vannesa texted me back with the exact content:

We will clarify wid ms cass n lng din t0m. Coz theres No problem with us f u want to apply drectly.. Mdami din kmi naghhntay n nterested applicants na gusto sna pumasok kaso nagkulang n s pwesto. Pls let me kn0w kung ano man

Maybe she was implying that..Let her know if I will continue in getting a slot in her exhibit. What do you think? So, I texted her back again with this:

1.Yes u can ask her drctly. We knew each other. Valued client namin c cass sa furnitures. It was grace who askd Drctly bout exhbit i thnk curious lng xa. U cn gve my slot na sa iba.

2. U cn gve away our slot. Bt il b cleaning my name. It wasn't me who askd drctly but grce.

Since I was so pissed about it..I decided not to get a slot on her exhibit....WTF!!! We are not dying to get a slot on exhibit purposes only. We even tried getting a permanent space at Robinsons mall but sad to say that the available space was 80 sqm. It was too big! As a matter of fact we are one of the priorities of gaisano mall if they start constructing the space at the infant section. We are also looking for a space for the food franchise we recently got.

Sigh! From a simple asking permission if we can extend until the sale day of Robinsons mall ...nauwi pa sa ganito! My sister and I decided to finish the exhibit tomorrow then start working on the proposal for the food franchise! Now, we have to think who is the management friendly to the small proprietors.



Laine said...

taray mo mem, naa man sab ka sa sakto. i clear gyud sa ila imo name mem. GO MEM!

djtammy said...

Nisaka jud akong dugo sa ulo pagkabasa sa text! Limpyohon jud naku... mau unta kung ako ang nangutana directly..wala baya!

Bill said...

It sounds like they are trying to push you around and maybe raise the price on you.If i was you i would tell them to F*** Off LOL. But i have a very bad temper some time hahhahahaha. Hope everything is going good for you girl. :-)

David Funk said...

After reading this, I can see why you are angered at what happened. I think it is a good move to finish it before working on the food proposal. And oh, this should be evidence as to why no one should make you mad!

Thanks for sharing, and best of luck to you my friend!

djtammy said...

well, bestfriend bill..I am just controlling my temper ...lolz! If they raise price..I will surely blog about it...

from now on, i will be watching their move...everything i see will be posted here...lolz

djtammy said...

Mr. D, lolz I am so pissed/mad...lolz!

I will just finished the old exhibit then work on the food franchise...anyway, i am so tired of moving around our I will not going to get a space with her...They suck!

chubskulit said...

Hey sis cool ka lang hehehe..

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Lindz said...

hi there, I amm too late but i still in favour of you, hope everything's alright now.

djtammy said...

Hi Te Lindz...everything is ok..i back out and they got their karma so early..lolz