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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Newest Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game!

Lately, I noticed my brother in law is fond of playing fantasy game online. I don't know much about it but when I look at the screen of his laptop, it looks fun and very exciting. I remember one fantasy game that I used to play before but forgot the name. All I remember was the term Alchemy.

Anyway, as I continue watching my brother in law playing this new game he learned from his friend abroad. I noticed that title of the game he is playing and it is called aion . He told me that it is the newest MMO online game. Well, aion is can be considered as a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Sounds interesting? Yes, players will have the chance to play on fantasy basis. You can role play as transformers and character you like.

Check out aion classes for more information about this fantasy game that I am telling you. They have the warriors, the scout, the mages and the priest. Just a brief background about each class, Warriors is the masters of close combat. They are about grit, power, and sheer. Strength. Scout, are the agile and stealthy. They fight swiftly with melee weapons. Mages, rely on their mastery of magic to do large amounts of damage at long range and the priest, specialize in healing magic and can use long-range spells to help allies and hinder the enemy.


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