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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Awards from D and Bill :-)

I would like to thank both David Funk and Bill for giving me both the awards. It was kinda late coz i'm on a vacation right now BUT I wanted to post this before I sign out from the net cafe! lolz

Words are not enough to express how thankful and grateful I am to met them. They are both special friend to me. Thank you D and Bill for the support!

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

congrats sa iyong award. ^_^

Bill said...

You are very welcome my dear. You are a sweet and special lady and i consider it a honor and privilege to be your friend. I want to see a lot of picture of your vacation when you get back ok LOL. Have fun my friend hugs

David Funk said...

No worries on posting these late, and its not like haven't done it when you've tagged me...lolz!

You're special friend to me as well, and I'm very thankful we crossed paths on-line.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation my wonderful friend!

Genejosh said...

Wow congrats for your awards...

Hi..thanks for the's my friend's URL...

Thank you very much!

P.S. Can we exchange links? Sorry..already put your blog in my blog list...

Happy Day to you!

Sheila Rae said...

Thanks for being a Living Smart Girl follower.

I am going to be deleting my blogspot account as I just finished up moving everything to wordpress.

I would love it if you would continue to follow Living Smart Girl. If you want to follow me I will add your blog url to the main page of my site so long as you have my link on your site.
Please let me know.

Shimumsy said...

happy mother's day tammy.

Mommy Phebie said...

Yes cousin ko si tnx ha?! by the way tam, d ko alam kung ano yung pwedng pagpilian ko na color...saan ko bah pwed makita yun?hehehhe

Genejosh said...

Hi..I dunno if Phebie is Shelo's cousin..I already asked her..Balikan kita pag alam ko na. Enjoy your vacation with your baby-it's priceless...

Mommy Phebie said...

hi tam,

well, T-shirt size ko is SMALL, i want color PINK...pwed thru YM nalang nko give ako full details sa akong name and add? just add me:

Thanks much!

Lollii-Pii said...

Congrats sa award^^.. You deserve it^^