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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Direct TV For Us

I don't know if you are a TV fanatic but my best friend and I do. We love to watch TV most especially at direc tv. When we don't feel like going out, we will just sit down, relax and enjoy the big tube.

This TV offers better picture quality, 24/7 access and with digital programming. Best of all, it is offered with reasonable rates. I know we have to update our TV and go for satellite TV for more available channels. My entire family watches TV especially at night time while the kids fill in the day - time schedule. I am pretty sure they will be delighted with the new TV in my mind.



Lindz said...

lol ako din eh addict sa TV hehehe hindi ako mabubuhay kung walang TV

djtammy said...

lolz...ako movie and cartoonnnns fanatic...lalo na tom and jerry..hehehe

eden said...

hahaha tam, dorothy and david love tom and jerry too.

happy sunday

djtammy said...

Te eden naku mag 30 na lang ako love na love ko ang tom and jerry..hehehe