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Friday, May 22, 2009


This t-shirt design was made by my younger sister Xeria
but I personally pick the text prints.
What is the story beyond this shirt?

It's all about love!
I envy those women who are brave enough to tie knots!
Getting married is so easy but the responsibility suck! Lolz
When things go wrong, they fight and argue but
sometimes it will end up hurting each other! Sigh!

Love is all about responsibility and commitment.
These are what I am scared of!



Prettymom said...

talking of wedding, I am suppose to attend a wedding later today at 1:30 but I am having second thought.....

djtammy said...

Rose, second thought? bakit naman? lolz

anne said...

Uhmmm it requires bravery and courage when you decide to get married. It is where your love measured if you love the person despite of his shortcoming but that does not mean you will allow him to abuse you at such. Of course the marriage will just become successful if both party will participate. It has been a long time since I heard from you tam kumusta ka na?

djtammy said...

Whew! Sure I know how to love! Its the responsibility and commitment I am afraid off! After my first failed marriage, I am afraid of getting hurt! I have the guts but the bravery? lolz! But lets see where my future will lead me!

Ate anne, i was away for 2 weeks. I just came back from my trip. Back to normal life again.