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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Miss Her!

I went to Davao City before I took a vacation.
This is no surprise if you see me with my miga Angie again. hehehe
I always asked her to met me every time I visit Davao City.The usual, we always have breakfast/lunch together but this time, we decided to try durian at the street.

Mandarin Restaurant

hahaha. I can't forget this day!
We bought one whole Durian but we were not able to eat the whole fruit.
It was kinda big.

Hi Gie. I miss you!



Lindz said...

it's ncie to catch up with friend ano and just be girls hehehe

djtammy said...

hi lyn....tnx for the msg.its always fun being with friends... and i miss angie very much....

MaxiVelasco said...

my gosh bespren... miss you na! hehe.

how's the vacation? and why does it look like na something's bothering you? (read your post before this one, too). sana, okey ka lang. and yung lovelife mo, okey lang. kahit madapa ulit. at least, you tried, diba? remember, kung ako eh naka 13 boyfriends bago ko nahanap yung talagang right guy for me, sus.. you will surely find the right one for you, too. ganun talaga ang life prenship. you'll never know kung sya na nga unless you give it a go. follow your heart!

and yayks.. i don't eat durian. hehe.

mwah labyah!

ROSILIE said...

Namiss ko rin si Angie sis! We hope to meet her again!

djtammy said...

miss u rin home....saka, ok na ako...home sick yata! i miss the people around me...

di kanakain ng durian? naku, ako before i hate it! smell pa lang yaks na pero when i tried naku! gabi-gabi kami nakain ng durian..

ingats ka jan...hugsss

djtammy said...

we will sis coz im home..lolz

anne said...

ang galing naman! Hehehe kami din ni Jhlea we were not able to meet up too haist busy kasi eh?

djtammy said...

Te anne, sa sunod meet naman tayo..hehehe