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Thursday, May 21, 2009

E-billing: It Makes Our Work Easier!

Corruption is anywhere! It could be in the government, big offices and even with small business. No matter how big or small the amount is when it's stolen and no one can trace the data then we can call it a perfect crime. But you as concern citizen or business owner, would you allow these things to happen to our own country or business? For me, no way!

Now a days, E-billing is widely use together with Matter Management it will make people lives easier. Both are combine in one system that provides a numerous and unique benefits to clients. Their electronic invoicing permits law departments to efficiently route, audit, and approve bills online. E-billing aims to connect people, their knowledge and easy process to make everyone's lives easier.

The simple e-billing streamlines invoice review and enforces billing guidelines in your legal operations. It connects with all of your law firms and ensures that your vendors deliver the value you contracted. They will analyze spend and optimize resources. It strategically manages legal costs to proactively contribute to the bottom-line.

One of the area hold by E-billing is the Litigation Hold, it is a suspension of a company's document retention or destruction policies for those documents that may be relevant to a lawsuit that has been actually filed, or even one that is reasonably anticipated. A litigation hold ensures that relevant data is not destroyed and that key employees are notified of document preservation requirements. Even informal procedures for managing print or electronic documents, such as recycling e-mail backup tapes, must change when a company is sued, or even threatened with suit.

So, if you want to make things easier, E-billing is the perfect solution!


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