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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Am A Movie Star!

Once again, I have been featured in Mr. D's site!
I am one of his lead actress in his movie. hehehe. Thanks D.

Beyond Hot
Lead actor/actress: DJ Tammy
Plot: Tammy is red-hot blogger with her own clothing line and two blogs she writes on. She struggles as single mother, but then launches her own DJ Tammy calendar that helps her to stardom. After a period of time, her "Beyond Hot" t-shirts sell extremely well, and then finally is able to unite with blogger friends in the Philippines on a Saturday night. The multi-faceted blogging star encountered Blog Parasite which also put her in a BWE ring to settle the score. Tammy's personality wins audiences everywhere in this classic tale.
Note: Monetary issues existed before production of the film after producers wanted to put Tammy's calendars at a discount to help promote the film. Tammy wasn't happy about it, and was prepared to walk off the set. Also, page ranking for her movie was a problem for producers, but Tammy was prepared to call them out on her blog if she didn't get what she wanted. It worked, and the movie was made.
P.S. Be sure to check Tammy's and sister Rosilie contest by going here.



Bill said...

So where is the calendar i would by one to help promote your career into stardom LOL.

djtammy said...

lolz. thanks for the support Bill. U r funny! Making me laugh hah!
Thanks for the hop in my friend :-)