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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Seaside Experienced!

KZ is enjoying his new ride.lolz

The weather was unpredictable but all I can say is we enjoyed the food!
It was raining so hard when we went to seaside restaurant,
good thing our ride was big enough to swim the flood.lolz

We ordered 6 different dishes and it was all in big sizes!
Don't mind the sandal of KZ. hehehe



Prettymom said...

hmm.. kalami man sa food mommy tam... musta na ka? its been a while no. are you still in manila?

Laine said...

ang cute ni KZ. :) hahaha...kala ko sis kasali sa menu ang sandal...:)

TC kayo 2 ni kz :)

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Hi pretty ga! KZ looks adorable!

Maxi said...

haha! i actually did not notice the sandal until you've mentioned it there. hehe.

expensive yung place prenship? ginutom ako!

ROSILIE said...

hey, namiss ko na kayo! umuwi na kayo! waaaaaaaaaaah!