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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Back!

Pictures below were taken during our get together with Ate Vilma, Twinks, Princess Lainy, Vyne, my sister Rosilie, kuya Jonel and kuya Lenard.
It was the search for Miss SMB and Kuerdas Band was there to entertain the crowd.

My sister Rosilie and Me

I love this picture so much. This was taken by Kuya Lenard.
Just having a fun time with my classmate in high school.
Hi twinks I'm back! hehehe.



MaxiVelasco said...

ay. ang cute ng photos prenship! thanks for sharing ha.


djtammy said...

Hi friendship. back to normal life now..hehehe

lab yah ka bakasyon?

twinks said...

Sis!!! welcome back!!! yahoo!! hoist! I love the second in to the max!!! kitakits lang ta! mwahugs!!

djtammy said...

Twinks, i love it also..hehehe..yes, kitakitz soon :-)

David Funk said...

Yay! My friend Tammy is back!

I like the pictures, and it really is great to see blogger friends meet up in person.

Thanks for sharing my dear friend!

djtammy said...

Yes David Im back ..hehehe

Bill said...

I agree with David the pics of you and Twinks are great. You both look awesome. Two sexy ladies. :-)