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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Identity Theft Protection!

It was October 10, 2008 when our recently opened boutique was visited by a theft. I feel so bad because she was so nice, on her late 40's, looks decent, with a cell phone that we did not anticipate that she was a theft.

We entertained her and treat her like a friend but we did not know that she was stealing my bag. My bag full of personal stuff like id's, credit card, ATM cards and cash. I was so disappointed because she walks away from our store that seems like nothing happens. I only found out that my bag was stolen when I was looking for my mobile.

I was having a hard time contacting my bank issuer. I should have gotten a Lifelock for myself. Lifelock company offers different kind of identity theft protection like Child Protection Program, ISO Certification, when you lost your wallet, eRecon and TrueAdress. Better be safe than to regret at the end.


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