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Saturday, March 14, 2009

"25 Random Things About Me"

Another tagged for this morning :)) Glenda of In the Hearts N Mind of Glenda. Handed me this "25 Ramdom Things About Me" tag!

1. Notre Dame graduate.
2. Turning 30 soon.
3. Single mom.
4. Former DJ of HOT FM.

5. I had a slight seizure 3 years ago. I have a short term memory loss!
6. Frustrated print ad model :)) bwahahaha
7. I love subway

8. I love the smell of Fantasy Britney Spears

9. Most of my undergarments are thong, t-back and strings

10. Melts in my mouth not in my hands :)) Krispy Kremes

11. I'm no fond of watching tagalog movies unless forced by my sister :))
12. I love shoes

13. Run away for three times.
14. I was drunk when I took the teachers board exam! I passed :)) Lucky me :))
15. I'm into dress making :-)
16. I was supposed to take the PMA exam, My height didn't qualify!
17. I was born in the vicinity of the sea but I can't swim well :))

18. I have a phobia with RIDES- bus, motorcycle, plane, any kind of rides :)) including carnival rides :))
19. When I was a kid, I tried driving our jeep! Bang :)) hits our driveway in Zamboanga City
20. I can cook!
21. I love yellow cab Pizza.

22. I have two TOE RINGS in my toes :))
23. I have a passion with fashion, I can have my own fashion statement!Can wear any clothes!I can create my own jewelries :-) for sale :))
24. Havaianas lover and seller :)) I have 1 slim white, slim metallic stripe and high printed navy blue

25. Right now, I just want to sleep :)) I am so restless from yesterdays' event!

To all my friends, you can grab this tag :-) This is really fun, you will know me by just reading this post :-)



thea said...

yeah we're the same.. i ain't fond of tagalog movies too. lol.

Bill said...

Now i know more about you tammy. #9 hmmmm LOL. Have a great one :-)

djtammy said...

Thea, i find tagalog movies all the same :))

Una pa lang lam mo na ang content :))

djtammy said...

Bill, oh you noticed that :)) I can't count how many pcs. I have :))

Borneo Falcon said...

Cool. Get to know you better now

Forgetful Princess said...

Borneo, Yay! Thanks for visit. The tag was really fun. Now you know more about me :))


MaxiVelasco said...

this is really cool. nice to know a lot about you.. and hmm. so you were once a DJ... cool! hihi... i will be getting your authograph if ever i meet you in person.

'D funk also tagged me this one. i am not yet through with everything... trying to make it so personal. hehe.

ui... basta, thanks for being a prend! ngek1

Forgetful Princess said...

Maxi, nalingaw man ko nimo oist :-)

ramdom man gud..ingon na lang pod ko og tinnod kung unsa akong maremember..

Nalingaw ko sa tag :-)

Tc always

anne said...

Hi tam imoha diay to? bitin man oi unsay ending hehehe siya imong groom sa imong upcoming nga kasal?

anne said...

girl asa man ko moboto dapit? hehehe

djtammy said...

hahaha. nakabasa na diay ka atoh! wla naku gipabutang akong link...hehehe

nag nag email naku sa isa ka blog na makahilak daw....hehehe

Scotty's Princess said...

Sexy Tammy,

I've read the Forgetful's Princess story. I've also left a comment there. Thanks for sharing that great story to me...

BTW, about the comment problem, Windmill have a message for u in my shoutbox.. DO have a check whenever you can...



djtammy said...

Princess Lainy, I hope di ka naiyak :))

Cge check ko ang shoutbox nimo :-)


MaxiVelasco said...

hmm. that's weird. are you having problems replying to my JS kit only or to others, too? kainis naman yun.

because i've been replying some comments through JS-kit email and okey naman ang lahat.

i've checked it just right now and everything's working well with me.

all i do is just reply on the email and that's it. we'll check more about this issue tomorrow. sana naman, maayos yung problem mo. we'll try.

have a great monday!

Bill said...

Hey Tammy Good evening or i think it is good morning for you. Yeah of course i would notice something like that.So did you like being a DJ? Sounds like it would be fun. Chow sweet lady.

djtammy said...

Max, everything is working now. Pero actually, hindi lang sau. With D also and Lainy and other JS kit..

but it looks like its working now...

djtammy said...

Bill, hahaha. I think those were the things that really caught man's eyes :))

I had so much fun when I was still a DJ... those were the days :)) when a lot of fans :))

I missed those days when I hosted a battle of the bands :))

sweet_shelo said...

wow , nice tag huh.. im thinking of grabbing this mem.. mhuahh

Anonymous said...

Hello T, I think you are a very complex but extremely interesting person. I loved reading this about you.

eden said...

me too, love Subway.

Forgetful Princess said...

Gang, igrab. wla na ko nag mention og name kay basig naa na mo tanan :))Nindot sya. Nalingaw ko :))

Colin, you are right about it. hard to explain :)) u will know more about me.

Ate eden, yay! ang sarap ng miss ko tlga...

twinks said...

Hi sis, DJ ka? when and what station? hmmm...ikaw ha! hehehe..
It's nice to know more about you..
Oi nice new layout.. so dili na tika himoan? I was thinking of a nice design for u na tani. Medyo nabusy lang ko kay naa pud ko gihimo na layout eh.
Happy Monday sis...

Forgetful Princess said...

Twinks, Dre before taz sa Pangasinan :)) sa HOT FM na ksing HOT ko :))

Hahaha. Tama pa lagi ko na busy ka :)) i thought i forgot kaya hindi na rin kita tinanong.

Happy monday pod sis :-)


Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

Oi, former DJ diay ka sa hot fm te Tam, Hot FM is the hottest music station here in Dipolog...its my favorite actually though there is rivalry between my school which is ABC and DMC hehehe...

twinks said...

Lagi sis nabusy ko kadali kay ngprepare for sa bday sa akong bugay oi..hehehe..
Oi sa HOT fm diay ka syempre kasing HOT mo jud eh! ikaw pa!

Hmm...about sa imong layout..unsa man diay nahitabo? kinsa ng install sa imong layout? ikaw ra? ang imong links ba katong default na blogger link list?
Sis imong gi save imong dati na layout? Dapat man gud if mag install ka new layout you make a back up copy of your widgets sis..

If katong blogger default na link list imong gigamit, aw lisod na to maretrieve sis, nawala na to.

What do you mean by dili ka makabalo mg write ug new post? and gadgets? hmmm... naa ka YM?

djtammy said...

Chie, uu :))Nag start jud ko sa Hot FM gensan mga 4 months jud cguro taz nag wild fm ko :)) 1 month lng hinoon kay dili carry :)) puro lalaki

sa hot fm pangasinan jud ko nag dugay :))

djtammy said...

Twinks, batang HOT jud ko :))bday diay sa imong baby girl.

Si Rose nag upload sa layout. ang nawala lang man is yung html ni Lainy, friends list ( katong kamo nla, d, maxi, etc.. )

Walay back up iadd ko lang mo uli pro asa dapit dre? wala man tong NEW POST, DASHBOARD...manol ko sa akong new layout :))

twinks said...

Hello sis,
add mo gud ko sa YM: twinks79
online ko now..

djtammy said...

Cge, buzz kita :-)